Saturday, October 29, 2011

games took over.

i apologize for the period of 0 posts, but a bunch of games hit all at once and just took over. its recently been Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Arkham City. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PLAY ARKHAM CITY! there are multiple games hitting right now, but this game deserves your attention. as for Off the Record, if you haven't played dead rising 2 then definitely pick this up, its better than 2 by a lot. if you have played 2 and liked it then at least rent Off the Record. now coming up is the game i have been waiting YEARS for. November 11th, 2011... SKYRIM! i have taken that day off so i can pick it up at midnight, and then took my week vacation right after that so i can give the game the full attention it deserves. i have 3 characters that i must play as, as i am going to carry the legacy of my Oblivion characters into Skyrim. My main will be a male Argonian Assassin, just as it was with oblivion. 2nd will be my female Dark Elf Mage. finally i will have my male Nord Berserker. very different play styles, but it should make for a much larger gaming experience. so, loyal readers, if you are gonna pick this one up, who will your first play through be?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Apocalypse

so i had a very vivid dream last night regaurding, you guessed it, the Apocalypse.

It starts late one night. i am watching the news, when a breaking story hits. the anchor says that the world is going to end at 10:30 a.m. the next morning. there is nothing that anyone can do, so we should get together with our loved ones and wait for the inevitable. hearing this i go into the basement and fall asleep. i wake up the next morning and climb the stairs out of the basement. i am greeted by the sight of my family all around me. they are all panicking about how the world was going to end or even if it was gonna end. i chime in and tell them that it is, in fact, going to end but the planet is just going to blow up and vaporize us before we know what hit us. just then i look out the window into the backyard and i see a geyser of lava erupt from the ground. we all stand there and watch as the lava flow becomes bigger and creeps toward the house. i am the first to react by running out the front door and take a right, trying to outrun the lava at all costs. eventually my brother catches up with me, as another geyser erupts to our left and the ground begins to fall apart into a lake of lava. the path ahead of us is nothing but a lava. we backtrack and begun running through backyards dodging more lava, watching the ground continue to fall apart. eventually we come to a tunnel. on the other side of the tunnel is the ocean and for some reason, my brother and i want to get to the ocean. we work our way through the tunnel when it starts to fall into a lava pit like everything else. we come to a doorway, the ground behind us is liquefying. we open the door to see the room is mostly lava, but if we get a good jump we can clear the room. my brother goes first and make the jump fine, but he keeps going and leaves me behind. i don't have enough room behind me to get a running start, so i just jump. my left foot hits the other side, and the ground cracks and starts to sink into the lava. as i fall back into, waiting to feel the pain, a hand reaches out and grabs my left arm. i look up to see my mom holding my arm. but im too heavy for her to keep up for long. my right leg sinks into the lava up to my thigh. i feel my leg melting right arm grabs a doorway and i pull myself out of the lava. the lava had seared my wound shut, so there was no blood. i crawl/ hop out of the tunnel and onto a boardwalk over the ocean. i see floating way out in the distance, a futuristic city safe from harm. i try to think of a way out when i see a towering, massive man in front of me. he has long red hair and a long red beard, but there is grey in his hair. i dont remember how i found out, but i realized he was God. He told me that this was the way He said the world would end, in fire. He said that there was nothing anyone could do. each of us would have to die, even those in the ocean would be boiled alive. He showed me visions of dead children floating in water as it boiled them, He made me fall into the boiling waters to feel their pain.
next thing i knew i was back in the boardwalk in front of Him. the thought of all the wrong that i did in the world came flooding back to my mind. i fell to my knee and told Him i was sorry for everything. as He walked away He told to it was too late for an apology.  i then black out. when i wake up i am in a pit of pure blackness. i start to walk forward and a blue flame erupts just giving me enough light to make out that i am on a bridge. as i move forward more blue flames erupt revealing more of the bridge. i see gates along the bridge and as i try to open the first, i realize that it is locked. just then i hear noises coming from the backness of the sides of the bridge. suddenly i see a mutilated hadn reach up and grab the side of the bridge. this thing pulls itself up onto the bridge. it grins an impossibly large grin, revealing hundreds of razor sharp fangs. this thing starts to come at me. as i try to bust the gate open more of these things start to climb onto the bridge. i turn around and demand this thing tell me where i am and to let me through the gate. the things grin grows even wider and it says "you are in Hell, my dear friend, and i will let you through the gate when we are done with you." just before the things can grab me i wake up.

i have had a few apocalypse based dreams, and they all take place in different locations and with different people around, but one single element sticks with each one. the world always ends with lava. whether i am trapped in a cave and lava is seeping in, or erupting from the ground or manifesting everywhere. there is always lava. how do you think the world will end, nuclear war? black hole? an invasion of some kind?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farewell Dark Princes

i know that this isn't exactly breaking news, but i was looking up the track list for disturbed
B-side album "The Lost Children" when i came across a sad piece of info. according to lead singer David Draiman, the band is going on and indefinite hiatus. he went on to say that the band may never come back. if you take one look at this blog you will be greeted by the bands mascot "The Guy" so you will belie that this news is very sad for me. this band has been my favorite of all time and the thought of nothing new coming from them is disheartening. so for now i will just leave you with their most popular song in hopes that you become infected... with the Sickness.

Monday, October 3, 2011

so boring

last night i was very tired, so i expected to have a crazy dream. well i was very disappointed. my dream started with me lying in bed, trying to get to sleep. i would rol over and see my clock read 4 am... thats the whole dream. all night long i dreamed that i was in bed and couldnt sleep. it was the most boring dream i have ever had. it was also very vivid, so the bordom felt REAL!!! then when my alarm finally went off it felt like i hadnt slept in days. my eyes hurt and my vision was blurry for about 5 minutes. i hope that never happens again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

who know wal-mart could lead to such adventure

my dream from last night

it all began while i was in wal-mart. its was almost closing time, but had no place to go. so i decided to hide on the store after it closed, i dont know why. as the store emptied and the lights turned off i wandered the store, then i notices security guards patrolling the store. realizing that if i got caught i would go to jail i decided to hide in the basement. i found a set of stairs and climbed down to the basement and began to explore the massive area. the area was empty, with multiple doors around the perimeter. i glanced back to the stairs and noticed a bream of light coming down. i run to one of the doors, open it and hide inside the small room. the guard came right to he room i was hiding in and opened the door. i climbed out, told him my grandma owned the store and showed him my drivers license. he said ok and led me upstairs to a pirate ship. i got on the ship and somehow made it fly into space. in space i ran into a giant space pirate war. hundreds of ships blasting away at each other. each ship had only 1-3 people on them, the main evil ship was captained by Davy Jones. i decided to join the fight against the tentacle faced  jerk and flew right into the middle of the fight. immediately i was singled out by a ship that was piloted by 3 women dressed as the witches from the movie "Hocus Pocus". the could fly and use magic so i was at an extreme disadvantage. as we were fighting my ship got destroyed throwing me from my ship and tumbling through space. a very small ship with a massive jet engine on the back comes swooping in to pick me up. the ship was piloted by Jack Sparrow, and he helped me destroy the witched and their ship by shooting it with the jet engine. apparently these 3 were Davy Jones favorite henchmen, so he turned his ship toward us and attacked. his ship was about the size of a Star Destroyer. one shot from his cannon ripped the Jacks ship in half. when Davy Jones ship got close enough Jack grabbed my arm and fell off the ship. my arm turned into a rubber and flung jack onto the side o Jones ship. i apologized to jack for not throwing him right to Jones position on the ship, but he didn't hear me. i jumped up onto the ship and ran to find Jones. eventually i found him on the deck below. i got myself ready to jump over the railing and attack him when i heard a growl from my right. 3 hell hounds were coming right at me. the first jumped up and bit my arm while the other 2 started to laugh. i got angry and, with the dog still attached to my arm, i jumped over the rail and fell toward Davy Jones, somehow i turned the hell hound into a sword. Davy jones quckly turned around and pulled his sword out and just before our blades clashed, my dog jumped up on the bed and woke me up.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

been a while.

its been a while since i have posted anything, but its not because i forgot about this place, rather i cant find any topics to write about. i recently bought Resident Evil 4 off of xbox live, and that combined with dead island must have overloaded my brain because i just cant stop having zombie dreams. i'd go onto further detail but i just cant remember more that a few action packed moments. mostly its me in a closed in space running around trying not to get the infected attention. eventually i do get the attention of the biggest infected in existence and do some weird running/flying thing to escape. i know you cant tell the time it take me to write this thing, but the time it took me to stop the last sentence and start writing this sentence was 6 minutes. while at wok i come up with multiple exciting topics to write about, but once i get home and sit down ot write them down, they just lose all the excitement i felt at first. so in ending, because i just cant think of anything else to write, dont take coupons to Arby's... we hate it, alot.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was playing the new DLC for Fallout: New Vegas and came across a cavern known as the Cave of Abaddon. the character i have has the Wild Wasteland perk witch allows for strange and awesome random things to happen in the world, such as finding a couple Holy Hand Grenades or Indiana Jones dead body in a fridge. so, while wandering the cave i found an hidden alcove. from a distance i saw what looked like a dog, but as i came closer i realized it wasn't alive. once i got right up to it i realized that it was a dog that had been fossilized... and its name is Seymour. for those of you that watch Futurama, you will recognize the name as that of Fry's dog from the episode Jurassic Bark. it is single-handedly the saddest episode of television ever. when i came across this i just had to share. so for those of you who dont know what im talking about i will post the clip. watch.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

got a little bit

when i woke up this morning, most of my dream stuck with me. i cant remember how everything started but i do remember what followed, so i figure ill tell you what i remember.

i am going to a family reunion at night that for some reason is taking place at a church. my brother and i are in a black SUV, but i dont remember who was driving. anyway, we get to the reunion and are told that class was still in session. i dont know what classes that theu were talking about but i just said ok and got back into the SUV. (i don't know if you have ever seen the GTA 4 Carmaggedon videos but they will help you visualize what happened next). we started driving around, trying to waste time until the reunion and chaos broke out. cars just simply started flying around in ways that cars shouldnt move. they were slamming into people sending them flying ragdoll style. we were very entertained, but cautions because we were trying not to get hit. every so often i would jump to first person view of the people walking the road and trying to dodge the cars as they flew crazily at me. e3ventually we decided to head back to the reunion. as we pulled into the parking lot i saw a bufet table outside and family members walking out of the building toward it. my brother was driving at this time and i told him to keep driving. for some reason i didnt want these people to see me. so he pulled around to the other side of the building. then from out o nowhere a giant woman came up to the SUV and climbed into the back seat. she then pulled out a glass and started vomiting into it. then she held it out and told me to drink it. i said there was no way i would drink that. she threw the glass out the window and said "oh well, i just wanted to know another puke drinker. want to go shopping? ill pay." i agreed to that immediately. we went to a mall, but instead of it being a massive i story building, it was a tower and each floor was a different store. the fiorst floor was a clothes shop, but she wanted to go somewhere near the top. i remember getting to about the 5th floor and it being a toy store, but with toys from my childhood. stuff like Stretch Armstrong and the original power rangers, but everything was at least 80 dollars. we kept going until i looked at my feet and said " i think i need new shoes" then i woke up.

not my strangest dream but its the first i could remember in a while.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i am having trouble remembering my dreams completely recently. don't know if its because  am not getting enough sleep, or if its what im eating, but something is stopping me. at the same time, i am still not finished with the blade specialist in dead island so i cant write up a review of her character (though i notice that her weapons degrade at an alarming rate compared to Sam B). so for now im just gonna have to take a page from My 2 Pesos and do another series of awesome pictures. some of these are funny, some are bad-ass but all are worth taking a look at. so without further adieu.

 This is one of my favorite movies. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are comedic geniuses.
 Castiel, an angel who defied his angelic superiors, calling the Arch-Angel Michael an Ass-Butt. For his first attempt at cussing, he did pretty well
 opening this box would not be advised.

 Never challenge the gate.
 read the closed captions. i laughed hard for a good 5 minutes.
 then we wouldn't have had to endure many years of this crap
 read the full story, its funny as hell.
whenever i am at the beach, i have my go go gadget legs at the ready all the time.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

dead island

i finally finished the game. it is much better than i previously thought. the only real problem i've found is the undead called an "infected". these are the rage zombies from 28 day later. now, in groups of 2 or 3 they arent to difficult to stop, just thrust kick them back to stun them then bring whichever weapon you have down onto their head. the problem is that in act 2 they show up in groups of about 5. if you miss just one of them with a thrust kick they somehow swing their arms and run through you doing massive damage. this leads to you being surrounded and unable to attack as each hit from them causes your character to stumble. so if you have 5 different people hitting you with 2 arms that leaves no time to counter attack. really that is the only gripe i have with this game, because as long as you arent in this one area the game is very smooth. the game is very similar to borderlands. you have 3 skill trees you get to level up. each character is a specialist in certain weapons and has a special skill. as of right now Ive only played as Sam B, who is a blunt weapons specialist.

basically i spent the game using maces and bats and crowbars and hammers to smash every undead S.O.B into dust. his special skill is similar to bricks in borderlands. he goes into melee form and a special set of brass knuckles appear allowing him to bulldoze through the biggest of you level up the enemies level to equal your scale and the weapons also level up. there are 5 level of weapon rarity. the names of the weapons change colors to represent how rare the weapons is, much like borderlands. white is the most common, followed by green, then blue, then purple, and finally orange. i highly recommend this to borderlands fans

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


quick little update. i went out and bought dead island. this game is very good. think a combination of borderlands rpg elements + dead rising 2 weapon customization. i hav only uncovered 3 different types of Z, but they are unique enough that the strategies used must be altered depending in the sounds you hear in the distance. i will be giving a full look into the game when i am done with my first play-through (4 characters, 4 play-throughs) so until then this game will be taking up much of my free time. if you play games but arent sure if this one is for you, at least rent it. you wont be disappointed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

still a little sick

im feeling better than yesterday, but can tell im still sick. so because of this i don't have much to talk about. well, this Tuesday Dead Island comes out. so there is that to look forward to. it seem that it was just yesterday that i first saw the cinimatic trailer, so the fact that the game os coming out already is just awesome. so with 2 big titles out (there was also deus ex) i am at a dilema: which to play first. more than likely it will be dead island. then its a wait till 11/11/11 for skyrim. for that one, i dont want to wait. any gamers out there? which games are you looking forward to?

p.s. my brother has started a blog of his own. its a unique style, so if you want to follow a story line from multiple perspectives check him out.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


so around 3 in the afternoon yesterday i started too feel a little tingle in the back of my the time 11 o'clock rolled around i was having trouble talking. i went to bed around then, but just couldn't fall asleep. around 4 in the morning, i decided to get up and get something to drink. i sat up in bed and felt an incredible pain shoot through my chest. it went strait through my chest, hitting my heart and the spine in an almost perfect line. i don't know what caused it but it hurt so bad i had to lay back down and couldn't move for about 30 minutes.eventually the pain subsided mostly, but was still there when ever i tried to move. by this time  couldn't talk at all, so i just laid back down and tried to get some sleep, but still couldn't.finally my alarm went off at around 7:40 so i got out of bed and started getting ready for work. as i walked to the bathroom the pain in my chest hit me again with full force, forcing me to my knees.i wont go into details about the gross stuff, but i am sick as a dog. when i got to work, my boss basically just kicked me out, telling me to get some meds and rest. i really hope this goes away soon cause it sucks.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

other stories

ok, so i havenbt been able to remember my dreams recently, so i decided to go back to the past. a long, long time ago i had an account on this thing called "myspace". now some people believe this to be the way primitive man developed facebook, but we cant be sure. anyway, on this "myspace" i had a few dreams posted. since i cant remember a significant enough portion of my dreams lately, i figure i would let you in on one in particular. it has to do with the biblical apocalypse. and the way it ended bothered me for so long. so here it is:

My former friend Ryan, my brother Adam and myself were in a black SUV driving down the street, I don't know who was driving. we were talking about who knows what and listening to music. Suddenly traffic comes to a complete stop. I look forward and see what at first I thought was a giant jellyfish the size of a man hovering above traffic. Then I took a closer look and realized it looked more angelic. It had a white core that shined very intensely and was generally human in shape, it also had an outward glow in a shade of what I want to call purple but it was much more powerful than a purple. Then, from the ground, more shapes started to just float upward. They were also human shaped and glowed just as brightly as the first thing I saw and had a faint purple glow around them. In seconds, millions of them were all floating upwards. It was then that chaos broke out and traffic moved at breakneck speed. All I kept saying was that this was the first stage of the rapture. I have no idea how I knew this but I knew without a doubt I was seeing the dead rise from their graves and go to eternal happiness. We took a shape turn to the left and out the right window was about a hundred Jesus's each looking unique. We came to a stop and I hadn't stopped looking out the front windshield. We got out of the car and wandered around and finally made it to a church and there were about 30 people in it. Everyone was silent except me. I told everyone what was going on and that we were the next to be taken. I ran into friends of my stepmother and they said that she was probably already on her way up. Then she walked in the building. No one said anything for a while. After about 5 minutes I said what everyone was thinking. We were left behind. Almost immediately the scene outside changed. A massive pillar of fire erupted from the ground miles away. It was like a tornado of flame but instead of coming to a point at the ground it just grew wider and wider as it got closer to the ground. People were being picked up into the air and tormented by the flames that would not go out. Then a strange platform appeared outside the church. I don't know how we knew but it was atonement platform. Everyone but me walked out onto the platform and immediately caught fire. They each just walked to their designated spots to accept the torment assigned to them until they were deemed worthy of eternal bliss.  I finally walked out the doors and burst into flames. I could feel the flames and the heat and the pain very clearly but it did nothing to my skin, clothes or hair. I took my place and began my personal torment, atoning for my sins. There were what I thought were guards on the platform. whether demon or angel I don't know but they watched over us. Eventually we were allowed to stop and go back into the church, which was still normal. once inside everyone was silent again.I don't know why, but everyone's attention was drawn to the front doors of the church. Then a thought dawned on me that no one had even thought of. I looked around the room and finally spoke up. "Who is the Anti-Christ?"

i woke up at that moment. i am almost certain that the Anti-Christ was going to walk through those doors at that exact moment. i have tried to remember as much about that dream as i could, but i just cant. tell me what you think about all this.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

past couple of days

so, just a small update because im tired tonight. got my car back from the shop, it runs almost perfectly. then last night at around 9 i heard a knock on our front door. turns out a new lady moved in across the hall from us. she wanted to meet her new neighbors, but i was the only one home. she invited me over for jagerbombs. i went for it, and after about 10 each she was very drunk. i wasn't feeling or showing any signs of being drunk, so when she asked me to go back to my place and grab the jack, i obliged. so after a few shot of jack, this lady could barely stand and she broke 2 glasses. i still wasn't feeling anything, but i knew just how far gone she was so i told her to get some sleep and i would see her Sunday. i packed up my jack and headed back across the hall. my brother had arrived home while i was gone and was waiting to see where i was. i walked in and told him what had happened. he confirmed that i wasn't showing any signs of being drunk. apparently, we are all going to hang out tomorrow. cant wait to see how that turns out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

GMSoccer was right.

using the little tutorial that Soccer left, i mad a new tab specifically for the story. what ive decided to do is post 2 time when i put a new segment up. i will post the new segment in the main blog and add to the story in the tab. at the beginning of the post i will refer those who are new to look at the tab as opposed to read the post then find the story. i think this will add a little easier flow to the site.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how i spent my day

is my car. its a 1967 Chevy Impala. yesterday it started acting up. after a little testing i figured it to be a bad fuel pump. today i went and bought a new fuel pump, fully intending to install it myself. i don't have the space or tools necessary to complete this task, but my mother does. she moved recently and i had never been there, so i asked for directions. the directions i got sounded like this "Go to the end the road here and take a left. drive for a while till you see a YMCA and a truck on the corner turn onto that road, i think its called founders. her house is right there." her house is actually about 30 minutes away, takes a few more turns that just the 2 i was told to take, and the road was actually called Fountain. needless to say it took me 2 hours to finally find the place. now because of the location of the fuel pump, i had to wait a couple of hours to start working on it, had to let it cool. so after a little bit of waiting and hanging around the house i went out to start messing with the car. it was bolted to the engine with 2 bolts and had a rubber hose and the metal fuel line attached to it. i got off everything just fine, except the fuel line. apparently the guy who owned it before i did mostly striped the bolt. so after 1 more hour, a lot of frustration and about 18 different tools, i gave up. now on the way to the house the car kept stalling, every time i came to a stop it would just cut out. once i finally reached my destination it died while pulling into the driveway. so since this stupid nut couldn't be removed, i had to have the car taken to a mechanic. it wont be fixed till friday, so until i can get it back i have to drive a 2000 convertable mustang... darn.

p.s. the was a lot of sarcasm in that last statement

p.s.s if you look in the upper left hand corner of that picture, you can see me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

money, guns, goro and assassins.

so in this dream i start off in wal-mart, but they only sold slushees. i wanted a slushee but i didn't have any money on me, so i ran outside to an atm to find that my step-mom and sister were sitting in a van next to the atm. i out my bank card into the atm and punched in withdraw 5 dollars. i hard the motors start up and instead of throwing out my 5 dollars it starts throwing out 500 and 250 dollar bills. i grab as many i could and threw them in the van my step-mom was in. i kicked her and my sister out and took off next i founf myself in a garden full of large plants. as i am walking through i notice my sister hiding, holding an uzi. i pull out a pistol and shoot her, causing her to disappear. i run over to her hiding place and pick up her uzi. i look around and see 4 of my cousins walking through the garden holding ak-47s. they all walk single-file right infront of me and pause. i shoot each of them and they dissappear. i run over and grab on of the ak-47s that has a grenade launcher attached. for some reason i shot it into the sky and it detonates like a green firework. as it explodes i see a mesage appear "Goro has awoken". next i am watching a fight between goro and motaro. they both land a finishing blow and go down. then kintaro walks over to goro and pats him on the head. goro gets up, high-fives kintaro, and they walk of together. next i am in a orphanage, run by the evil principle from the Matilda movie. i am hiding in the rafters watching as she tortures these kids she has their beds hanging from chains above pits of molten metal, and they have to do a lot of manual labor or the bed gets lowered closer to the pit. when she isnt around i tell them to run an hide, i will take care of her. the orphans run and hide as she walks into the room. she crosses a rope bridge to a platform surrounded by water. i drop down into the platform and am dressed like ezio from assassins creed. she freaks out and tries to run for the bridge, but i throw a couple of ninja stars and cut through the ropes causing the bridge to fall. she jump of of the platform and into the water there are 2 poles sticking out of the water. i jump down onto one of them and she grabs the other just trying to keep her head above water. she looks absolutely terrified, but i don't care. i look at her and say "Yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death" then i pounce on her with the hidden blade.

thats where i wake up. it was a pretty fun dream.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

way this works.

ok so many of you asked i put all the parts of the story together so anyone new can come in and see the whole thing instead of just the part recently posted. i have seen how some people have tabs in their blogs, the main tab is for the blog and the other tab is for things like stories to be posted and kept side-by-side. i any of you know how to do this i will be happy to set this up. the story is under a lot of re-writes right now, so i wont be posting the whole thing for a while. i will post it when i feel it fits the tale i am weaving better.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story Part 5: setting up motiviation.

this is a kinda rough version of the next chapter i re-worked it and fell pretty ok with it. here it is.:

"So, how have you been? its been a few months since you were last through here. i thought you forgot about me" she smiled as she said this. she knew i wouldn't forget her, but it had been a while since we last saw each other.

"I've been good, trying hard to save up. maybe hire a few other guys to lighten the load."

"you're still planning on opening up your own courier business? i wish you luck, there have been a lot more raids on caravans leaving the city as of late. rumor has it that these raids are much cleaner than the standard attacks we hear about. raiders usually take what valuables they find and leave the bodies, but recently the only trace of the caravans are when the Brahmin wander back into town."

"thanks for the heads up. im going it alone, so i shouldn't draw much attention to myself. just another traveler crossing the land."

i smile to put her at ease, but the knowledge that caravans are going missing does concern me. i wasn't informed of this when i agreed to this job. if i had the time, i would track down the guys that hired me, but as it stands i wont make the meet if i don't leave tomorrow.

"so, Kelli, got yourself a man yet?"

i ask her this to quickly change the subject.

"no, mostly just travelers come through. none of them are looking for anything longer than a night of fun."

"well those guys are idiots."

"what about you, got a lady waiting for you wherever you call home?"

"im never home long enough to actually meet someone. my focus is just getting as many jobs as i can and getting them finished before i get to old to work."

"why do we do this to ourselves?"

"Do what?"

"make this small talk. we've known each other a long time and it seems each time you walk in here we flirt until you walk back out. its messing with me, im happy while you are here and scared that when you walk out it will be the last time i see you."

"Kelli, i feel the same way. that's why this last job i so important. I've spent the last few months overworking myself and am so lose to haveing enough to open that courier business. i hate the cliche but i need you to wait for me to get finished with this, then i will walk back in here and never leave."

"you know, this is the first time you've talked like this. its always just been a secret that everyone knew, but hearing it come from you makes me happy. I've got more customers to take care of, I'll see you when you get back."

with that she got up and walked up to the patrons who just sat at the bar. i finished my burger and left, watching as the would-be pickpocket realize that he had been pick-pocketed himself. chuckling, i walked out into the night, looking up at the stars and marveling at their beauty. i checked my watch and saw it was 11 o'clock. i started walking to the inn, planning to get an early start across the wastes tomorrow.

i was awoken to a pounding on my door. i grabbed my watch to see what time it was. 5 o'clock, yay.

"Mr. Xeno, Lord Sazz demands your company. get dressed and meet me downstairs, don't keep me waiting.

i know that this isn't good. i look out the window across the room to check for any way out. the streets are lined with Sazz's men. whatever he wanted he was going to get. i got dressed and grabbed my things. heading downstairs i expect to get man handled. instead i see a man in a suit and hat. he walks up to me gesturing to the door. i nod and head out into the street. it still early to the streets are clear of all but the homeless. they escort me deep into the heart of New Vegas. eventually we come upon a 4 story building that Sazz has made into his mansion. walking into the main room i see even more of the goons that were waiting outside the inn. they lead me into an elevator, press a few buttons and the elevator begins to move. after about 20 seconds the elevator stops and the doors slide open. i am greeted with pure luxury. the massive room is clean, something the rest of new Vegas is not. there is a piano in the corner and a woman is playing something by a pre-apocalypse composer. in the middle of the room are a couple of couches in the best condition I've seen. once the awe subsides a man calls me over and tells me to have a seat, motioning to the other couch. i sit and look a the man across from me, knowing that this is the most powerful man in the entire city, if not all of Nevada. he leans down and picks up a glass of what i assume is scotch. he takes a sip and sets it back down.

"Hello, Mr. Xeno. im glad to finally meet you."

"i wish i could say the same Mr.-"

"Please, call me Sazz."

Monday, August 15, 2011


so after taking you guys advice, i decided to set the story aside for a while. to try to get the passion back i had before for it, i re-read what i had written. while i can say i liked what i wrote, i realized that there were segments that needed to be re-imagined. tomorrow i will post the next part of the story, which was on of the parts that needed re-working. in the original i had the next day start way to soon and the action escalated in a forced trying to make the story flow better because this is when the story finally gets a good twist to it. i added a new segment of dialog traded between Blane and Kelli. im also adding an encounter with the ruler of New Vegas, Sazz.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

another game

this time i am going to recommend you play a game which is actually a part of a massive series. basically its the same game being remade every so many years with new features added with each release. i am talking about Koei's Dynasty Warriors. the game actually tells the history of the 3 kingdoms period of ancient china. i the game you play as anywhere from 20 to 50 different characters, each with their own unique weapons and move sets. each character in the game actually existed in Chinese history. as you control these generals of the kingdoms of Wu, Shu and Wei, you take on literally thousands of enemies. every so often you will run across a opposing general and a decent fight will ensue. one thing to know before playing this game is that unless you are playing on easy, the first time you run into Lu Bu, RUN! he is know in history to be the most powerful man in that period, so his ingame character can take you down to dead in just a single combo.

This is him

apart from just using standard attacks to get you across the maps to your ultimate goal, you have musou attacks. these are also unique to each character based on their characteristics. for the big guy you see above he swings his weapon, which is a pike in a giant X in front of him multiple times cutting everyone that gets caught to shreds. as i have said, this game has been remade multiple times. the current title is number 7, which is really somewhere near the 15th game made because they usually release 2 spinoffs based in the version that was just released. so if you want to feel like a god on the battle field, cutting down entire armies single handedly, pick up dynasty warriors. who knows, you might just learn a little history along the way.

Friday, August 12, 2011

lunch, saving kids and preventing aliens from leaving.

OK, so this dream is actually a bunch of dreams that were sewn together in my mind. i woke up a lot last night, so it kinda amazing that the dreams picked up where i woke up. so this is what i dremt last night.

it started out in my old highschool commons. it is a very long room with tv's all over the place. fo some reason all of the students are in commons and the lights are off. the teachers said they had something to show the students, but it would show after lunch. so everyone, while in the dark, got into lunch lines and got their food. i had my food and sat down, and some random person took me biscuit. so i chased the guy down across the entire room and just attacked him. finally a group of teachers broke us up and took us to the teachers lounge, which was about the size of a gym. they finally started the movie which they wanted to show the students and it was the Avengers movie (if the real movie is half as awesome as it was in my dream, we will all be VERY pleased).somehow from that moment to the next i got teleported to my car driving though a nice neighborhood. fro some reason i stopped in front of what looked like an abandoned house. i got out, grabbed a gun and knife out of my trunk and walked into the empty house. the entire bottom floor was barren, i had no idea why i was there. as i worked my way up stairs i head a pounding sound. i followed the sound into a room that was nicely furnished, with computer desks and TV's a big bed and a mini kitchen. the sound was coming from a closet so i walked over and opened the door to find a room full of bound little kids. immediately i removed the gag on one of them and they told me that He was coming and i had to leave of i would die. before i started to cut the kids loose i heard footsteps approaching the room. i immediately grabbed a computer desk and jammed it up against the door so it wouldn't open. i began cutting the kids loose, there were about 5 of them, and He was pounding the door trying to get in. once i had the kids loose i found a window the fro some reason had a ledge outside it. one by one the kids started climbing out. by the time the 3rd kid started to climb out the door jumped and the desk flew off again the wall. the 4th kid got through and the door flew open. the 5th and a giant solid black mass in the shape of a man walked into the room. outside the kids were screaming for me to run. i told them to get to the road and i would be there as soon as i killed this thing. it approached me as i drew my gun and fired. the bullets passed right through it without phasing it. next i pulled out my knife in a reverse grip. it reached out with its left hand to grab me but i slashed at its arm and it fell off. the black appendage dissipated as it hit the ground. He froze and would not move so i jumped up and swing at its neck. its head fell to the ground and the entire thing disappeared. with this thing gone i teleported again. now its night out and im in downtown new york. i am a CIA agent and my partner is Stan Smith from American Dad. we are trying to stop Rodger the alien from leaving the planet. he does this by standing on a car and it float into space. the only way to stop him is to make the cars float into space without him on it. i am running from car to car sending them into space when i see a car with Rodger on it floating up so i jump on a car that is floating near him and wait for my car to catch up. finally i jump from my car to his tackling him of and falling about 200 feet to the ground, when i get up i go onto a tattoo parlor and get a tattoo.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

for gamers out there.

well i might not be feeling the games right now, but i thought i would share the games that i think you should be playing now. some are old and some are new, but i can completely recommend them to you. the downside to this list is that im primarily an Xbox player. i don't have a ps3 or Wii (although i do own some of the games for those consoles... sometimes the collector edition is just to awesome to pass up {God of War 3}) so they will be under-represented in posts. so without further adieu i give you: GAME!

While most will argue that this games is multiplayer only, i guarantee you will enjoy this fps rpg. there are 4 classes to choose from. starting from left to right there is the Soldier named Roland. this is my class, it comes with specialization in assault rifles and shotguns (although my main weapon is a Maliwan 4X Incendiary Sniper). plus, for his special skill he can summon an automated turret that can be upgraded to resupply ammo, heal friendlys, and revive downed allies. next is the Siren Lilith.  she specializes in increasing elemental damage for weapons. her special ability is the phasewalk allows her to go invisible to enemies, move faster, and makes her invulnerable. it can be upgraded so cause elemental explosions whenever she enter or exits the phasewalk.
third is the Hunter Mordecai. he specializes in snipers and pistols making him the pinpoint marksman of the group. hs scpacial "ability" is that he owns a "falcon" named bloodwing which he can summon and direct to attack enemies that he cant get to. bloodwing can be upgraded to attack multiple enemies and be made into an elemental. finally up is Brick the Berserker. he specializes in SMGs and Rocket Launchers. his special ability is to go into a berserk rage. while not invulnerable and limited only to melee attacks, he can take down almost anything very quickly. upgrades include more damage, elemental imbued fists, and loot from enemies. now the elements that are included in the weapons and for upgrading the special abilities are fire, electric, caustic and explosive. each type of element is strong against certain enemies and weak to others. but honestly stick with caustic and you cant lose. now the rpg element come into play by earning experience through killing baddies and completing quests. the higher you level the better the loot gets dropped. trying to think about downsides to this games is difficult. while it isnt perfect it does cover up its flaws with so many things done right. i dont do the game justice in this post but please if you get the chance, play borderlands. its kinda difficult at first but you get into flow easily and the story take you to stange places and pits you against stranger foes. then there is the dlc for the game. each pack is easily worth the cash allthough if you play for achievements, dont get to far into the zombie pack with out finding the brain collection quest.

Monday, August 8, 2011


ever have one of those days where your minds is just filling up with ideas, but no matter what you do you cant seem to act on them. that's what I've got going on today. i have many ideas about where i want to take my story, but i cant put them down on paper how i want. no matter the ways i try, it just comes out forced, not the natural flow i want.but even more so than that, i cant get motivated to game. for me that is kinda weird, because i game a lot. maybe its just my energy is to low right now, but i don't like it. everything is just... blah.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

late night

when i know i have the next day off, i stay up way late just surfing the web looking for cool stuff. last night at around 2 in the morning i came across a live action Batman fan made short film. now i know what you are thinking, its fan made so it must not be good. trust me it is very good. its based on the cartoon batman, so there is no armor on the bat and his eyes are solid white. things get a lot more awesome a little after he runs into the joker. its call "dead end" but it should be called A V. P V. B. just watch it, what 8 minutes for an awesome vid.

Friday, August 5, 2011

why i want a gaming laptop.

i know that oblivion has been out for a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG time, but when it come to the PC the game can be made almost new with mods. whether its new quests, items, or just options to alter the in-game physics, this game is made fresh. there are even mods that replace the entire game and and substitutes it with a new main quest with accompanying side-quests. then there are the mods that are just for fun, such as the pokeball mod. catching monsters and npc in pokeballs then hitting someone with the pokeball and the npc jumps out and fight to the death. i saw a video based on a series of mods that made me think all this. i have included the video in the post. watch as hilarity ensues... plus the music is catchy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Story Part 4: Strolling Down Memory Lane

As I left Thors shop i was approached by a man in a black jacket. On his left shoulder were 3 spikes of increasing size. He had no hair on his head or face. His only defining mark was a solid white right eye.

"You're going into the wastes. Things will not be going the way you planned. This is only the beginning of something much bigger."

"Wait... what? Who the hell are you, and what the hell are you talking about?"

He looked at me, smiled and chuckled to himself. He turned and began walking down the street, stopping about 10 feet away.

"We will be watching you. When you need us most, we will be there."

With that he he walked off down the street and was lost in the crowd.

"I guess Thor was right. Something isn't right about this trip."

I wasn't planning on leaving New Vegas until the next day so I went and rented a room at the nearest inn. As I was going up to my room a group of people walked past me, one bumped into me. It was a small hallway so I didn't think anything of it. Once I got to my room I set my bag on the bed and reached into my jacket pocket. Immeadiatly I knew that the ring I had stole from Thor was just stolen from me. 'Oh well', I thought. Then I sat on the bed next to my bag and opened it to see exactly what Thor meant when he said 'a little fire power'. I expected a little 9mm, but was astonished to see the .44 that he was cleaning when I walked into his store. Deciding that it was better to keep the firepower close I put a belt on, and placed the magnum in its holster.

"It's way too early to go to bed, might as well go out and see what's going on."

I left my bag under my bed, locked my door, and went out to find anything new going on. As I walked the streets taking in the sights I decided to get something to eat. Stopping at the nearest pub, I went in and took a seat at a booth in the back of the building. I've eaten here plenty of times before since I have done alot of business in New Vegas. A woman in her early 30s looks over and sees me sitting at my normal booth. A smile forms on her face and she begins walking over to me.

"Surprise, surprise. Blane Xeno, you little scavenger, what are you doing in here?"

I laugh at her comment, as we have known each other for about 7 years now. I first met her on the street. She was just begining her business and was putting up advertisements on street posts. A small time street gang had been hastling her about having to pay to advertise on their turf. When she refused, they jumped her. Most people were used to seeing this and just walked on past. They knew what they were going to do to her, take her money and force her into prostitution, but also knew that messing with them would almost garuntee death. I knew the consequences of taking action, but could never turn a blind eye to a person in distress. Just as the initial beating was about to begin I stepped in. None of them even knew what was happening. Armed only with a serrated knife, I quickly and silently charged into the group of thugs. The first guy went down hard, as I smashed the hilt of the knife into his temple. Then, switching to a reverse grip of the knife, I became a whirlwind of slashing and stabbing. After about 30 seconds 2 were unconcious, and 4 were dead. The last in the group had pulled out a knife turning it to the ladys throat, threatening to slit it. Thinking quick, I looked above him and pointed. The idiot looked up giving me just enough time to throw the knife, catching him in the jugular. needless to say he let her go, to try to stop the blood that was coming from the gash. He fell over dead in just seconds. I picked up my knife and walked over to the woman who was now crying in a ball on the ground. I helped her up and took her back to her place. She wanted to thank me in any way possible but I said that her words were enough. Finally she conviced me to come to her pub for a free meal the next day. From that moment on we have be as close as 2 people can be, without actually being together. I'm not sure why we have never tried, I just tell myself that because I am always on the move it couldn't work. Secretly she is the real reason I want this trip to go off without a hitch. If I can make enough cash on this trip I won't be on the move as much and maybe something can finally happen between us.

"Hey, Kelli. Thor lined me up with another job. I'm leaving tomorrow and just wanted one good meal before I head out."

"Oh, and here I thought you just wanted to see me. Well, I can't let my favorite customer go hungry, what do you want?"

"How about a double rat-burger, large order of fries, and a cold one."

"You know we have beef now. Thanks to Sazz we get a steady shipment of it every month."

"After eating rat I can't switch to cow, it just doesn't taste right."

"I hear you. Not many people like it, but Sazz does and he says that I have to offer it. Mainly  because he thinks it seperates the elite from the common folk. I'll have your burger out asap"

"Thanks, Kelli."

She smiled and nodded as she walked back to put my order in. As I waited I looked around the pub. Seeing that there were very few people in the place, I started to daydream. Just before my mind could begin to wander I noticed that one of the patrons was the guy that bumped into me in the inn. Smiling to myself I chose to pickpocket the thief. I got up and walked over to the jukebox and put on some classic Metallica. As Four Horsemen started I took the long way back to my booth, past the thief. I intentially bumped into him, finding the ring and a small purse of caps in his coat. I apologized to the man and walked back to my table, there was no way he would know the stuff was gone until he specifically searched for it. That will teach him not to steal from someone. I waited a few minutes and checked the purse, finding 100 caps. Not a bad haul from trying to get my ring back. Shortly after, Kelli returned with me food. She sat down opposite me and started talking as I ate.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 2

sorry for no update yesterday. i had issues with my laptop arise whilst viewing updates from the blogs i follow. so without further adieu, part 2.

Carry on my Wayward Son
while this is a good song, it makes the list because of the story i remember when i hear it. if anyone who reads this watches "Supernatural" then you know exactly what story i hear and if you love it like i do you know exactly why this song makes the list. the video i have included with this entry also has clips from the show. i see myself in the story, playing the part of the big brother because i know what he goes through. just take a listen and watch the clips. hell, watch the show. it way be a litle slow in the first couple of episodes, but it is worth it.

Laser Cannon Death Sentence

this comes from the second release of the most brutal band, the biggest act on earth, the bringers of the metalocalypse. i love the message that this song sends. with lyrics like:
I'm a rocket
A roman candle
A fucking missile
On my way to hell

I'm a martyr
A saint of sinners
And you will fear me in my deth
it sounds dark and it is, but i read a little more into it. this person is seen as evil, but to whom. as i listen to this right now im watching V for Vendetta. V is considered evil by the government in the movie but we know that he is the hero of the story. so in this way i see the person in the song as the hero.

 Down with the Sickness
This is the song that brought me into the world of Disturbed. its all about the sickness that dwells in us all. we all have that voice in us that tells us what to do, the problem is that the voice stems form different things. this songs has the voice come form an abusive mother. surrender to the sickness and you will find a new family in disturbed.
Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson

this song speaks to me because i am not one of the "beautiful people". it has a good, if not odd, flow. really, i can only recommend this to a very small niche of music lovers just because it is such an odd sound.

Inside the Fire
call me crazy, but i think that this is the greatest love son ever written. i know that is was written as a therapeutic exercise for the lead singer and as a way to bring the problem of suicide to the fans, but i hear the story of someone that had the person that he loved commit suicide, and he must chose whether to sell his soul to be put next to her inside the fire. i base all of my relationships on this, would i sell my soul and go to hell for eternity just to be with her? so far the answer has been no. but the idea of condemning yourself to hell just to be with the one you love, is the ultimate act of love.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 1

i am completely unable to think of a good long post. haven't had any vivid dreams, and i want to fact check a little more before i get into the supernatural. i could have put the next bit of my story up, but i feel like that's a cop-out considering i already wrote it. so i chose this instead. now onto the music. as you may remember from my past post about music, i like metal. however, if a song speaks to me its out of my hands.
p.s. im sorry but for some reason blogger wont let me put YouTube videos in my post so i will put the links and if you are interested just paste them into your browser.

Black Hole Sun
i don't know if its the sound, the message, or Chris Cornell's delivery but i can listen to this for hours (and have) and never get sick of it. Soundgarden in general has good music, but this one keeps me coming back. take a listen.
Rollins Band
this song starts out very calm and you just listen to Henry Rollins telling a story of how you and he meet. then out of nowhere he tells you how he is gonna get in your head and mess with you... by lying. then he apologizes and says he will never do it again... just to laugh in our face and tell you he lied again. i was shown this by a co-worker so it has kinda become an inside joke.

Enter Sandman
some of you might be wondering why i put Metallica so far down the list. i love there music, but i have been listening too it so much and for so long that it lacks freshness. i will still crank it up when it comes on, but i wont go seeking it out on my iPod (i would say radio, but it doesn't work). that not to say you shouldnt go out and seek this masterpiece. some say that this is the song that signifies when Metallica "sold out". i say that this is the song that catapulted Metallica into homes and peoples lives that would have never given them the light of day.
John Cale
you may remember this as the song from Shrek. all you get with this is a man, a piano, and a tale of all the aspects of love. as i said i am into metal, but when i heard this i knew it would stick with me for my whole life.
this is good to listen when its raining and you aren't watching TV or being bogged down by outside stimuli. just turn off the lights, open a window so the rain can be heard and sit back and enjoy this piece of musical genius.

Ace of Spades
i first heard this while playing tony hawk pro skater 2, if that tells you how long ago my relationship with Motorhead started. with a catchy opening hooking you into this one you have to follow it to the end. plus, Lemmy Kilmister has the perfect voice for this music. honestly, no other person has that perfect gravely/growl comes naturally in his voice, he has the very voice of metal. on the surface its about a high stakes card game, but i think that a little deeper into the lyrics you can see a little more sinister implication. take the lyric "You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, But that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever". if nothing else it a good gateway into the world of Motorhead.

That is for this part. hopefully tomorrow blogger will let me put the videos up instead of just posting the link.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life After Death

as the title suggests, i am talking about what happens once we die. we know what happens to our physical bodies, but where does our mental body go; our spiritual body, if you will.

there is a theory that i think is called quantum immortality which states that we never die. every time we experience some one die the universe divides. in the original universe the person is dead, but in the new one the person survives his death experience and lives on. while an intriguing thought, we can never test to prove or disprove this.

then we have the Ghost option. when we die we roam the earth, not necessarily to torment or help but just to continue to exist. there is evidence that something we perceive as ghosts exist, with photos and videos of what looks likepeople from the past who are obviously dead, walking amongst us. i wanted to post videos of this, but if you just go to YouTube you can see them. the best evidence i have seen comes from the show "Ghost Hunters". 2 clips in particular, one in a lighthouse where a black mass looks over a rail down at the camera posted at the bottom then running up stairs at an impossible speed to lok over the rail again. the second takes place in a prison where a black mass runs toward the camera then moves in the opposite direction, defying the laws of physics.

this is really just post 1 in a series of posts i have based in the supernatural. ill ber back again to fill you in later.

p.s. im sorry if i dont get to check out your blogs. i keep getting Javascript:void(0) on certain links. if you know how to fix this let me know.

Monday, July 25, 2011


so for this i decided to share my greatest fears. most peoples greatest fears are quite irrational and mine are no different. i have no idea where my most deep fear comes from... i cant really tell where any of my fears stem, but it come from somewhere.

Fear 1: falling from great heights.
i think that a lot of people have this fear, but its not a major one. now that i think about this, i think it come from a traumatic experience from childhood. back when i was a kid my brother and i had bunk beds. me being older i got top. one night i must have been having a crazy nightmare, because i woke up and i was falling to the ground. i hit pretty hard (i was 4 or 5 at the time) and i think that waking up from a nightmare to realize that you are falling would scar anyone.

Fear 2: driving fast and having breaks fail.
this pretty much comes through in my dreams. my nightmares no longer consist of monsters and disasters like volcanoes, or tornadoes. those things actually lead into a great dream, however once i get in a car it seems nothing good can come of it. my car seems to speed up to extreme speeds and i have to weave in and out of traffic, also the car is sliding and fish-tailing like crazy. this usually lead to me heading toward a wall or something. as i try to step on the brake nothing happens. i never think of getting out of the car or just shutting off the car or just trying to throw it into park. i have had my brakes fail on me once, but it was recent enough not to have affected the dreams as they have been happening for a while.

Fear 3: this one is the most irrational and i cant place it origin. imagine you are on a boat, its a bright sunny day and you can see deep into the water watching sharks and dolphins and fish just swimming around. eventually the water is too deep to see through it. its at that point that you realize that the massive black mass you assumed was just the point that light cant penetrate the water is actually a creature swimming below you.

now imagine being in the water and seeing this thing swimming toward you.

THAT is my greatest fear. massive sea monsters attacking. living in Tampa Florida there is a massive bridge over the ocean that is about 5.5 miles long. driving along this and looking at the matter surrounding me, no possible way to get to land in time if there was a sea monster attack is the most stressful experience I've had.

So tell me, not necessarily in such detail, what your greatest fear is

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Legend

so a few years back i came across a web series and it concluded about a year ago. it was called "The Legend of Neil" and it was the greatest thing ever. as you can tell from the title it is a Legend of Zelda parody, with the character of link being played out by Neil. Neil is a drunk, vulgar, loser gas station attendant. so combine those qualitys with the world o zelda and you get pure hilarity. Hyrule isnt a nice and fun place to live, as neil quickly learns and he meets octoroks, moblins, german skeletons. with characters like Old Man and his tourettes afflicted brother Oold Man helping "Link" along his quest to defeat Ganon, the King of Evil. "link gets is many hilarious predicaments such as knocking up a fairy and getting drunk/high with 3 moblins who have no idea who he is. i ask you watch atleast the frist 3 episodes before writing this excellent series off. you can find it at ,  you will not be disappointed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

amusing stories from work.

so i work in a place that is, well, not a good neighborhood. there are routinely drunks homeless and wanna be gang bangers wandering the sidewalk and streets. naturally they provide hours of entertainment for my co-workers and I. i thought that sharing some of the stories would amuse you.

one morning i arrived at work early, as is usual because i use the time before work to get some reading done. i park in the back of the parking lot looking toward the street. i see a homeless man walking down the street and he reaches the street corner that Arby's sits. he then drops his pants squats and craps on the sidewalk. this is a bust road during the morning, so buses and people driving to work are seeing this man poo at the corner. obviously the cops were called and he was arrested, because he didnt leave the scene.

another time a homeless drink man was walking down the street rather successfully.  the only problem was that his pants were unzipped and his penis was hanging out for all to see. several people tried to tell him but he just started screaming obscenities at them. this one was much more harmful, however, as it was during the school year and school buses drove by full of kids. once the cops arrested him we have never seen him again.

one night while closing a drunk man wandered into the lobby and just started staring at my boss. Boss walked over and asked him what he wanted, to which the drunk said F**K YOU! Totally caught off guard we asked what his problem was he started ranting about not getting his cheeseburger. there is a McDonald's down the street so we think he got our two stores mixed up.

just today i was out painting the store, getting it ready for a big inspection, when i saw a "Zombie" (Zombies are what we call anyone who falls into the Drunk, Homeless or Gang banger categories). whenever a car drove past him he would stop, turn to face the road whether the car was there or not and scream "Fifty Cents!" trying to paint while someone scream fifty cents every two seconds is hard because you will be laughing you ass off at the sheer randomness of it.

there are more stories but i will save them for later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pics from the net

so after going through my pictures i realized that i have way to many for one post, so im just gonna put up 10 for now.

Mayor West of Quahog is hilarious, everything that he says is perfect.

Would they be friends or kill each other?

What is the one thing that would make Kratos better? A symbiote.

Favorite Mega-Zord, awesome picture.

the childhoods of 2 generations will now be brought forth to battle.

Transformers just came out, Dark Knight Rises teaser just came out. this seemed appropriate.

im not asking who would win, but rather how long would this fight last?

 this is very disturbing

 My favorite zelda game. forget skyward sword, take me back to Termina.
Wolvie has no adamantium in this pic. the fact that he seems to have lasted 5 second is amazing, and i want Wolvie to win. but could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

setting up for tomorrow

no post today (this doesn't count), because i am setting up tomorrows post. i come across a lot of awesome pictures whilst strolling the internet and im going to post the most epic of them tomorrow. also, for anyone who plays Fallout: New Vegas, the new DLC is out "Old World Blues" Check it out.

Monday, July 18, 2011

the white house, moses, aliens and magic.

so i had a dream a few nights ago and have been trying to remember as much as i can so i can post it here. so here is what i remember:

im with a tour group touring the whitehouse. as we walk down the corridors there are amny doors we cant go through. naturally i want to go through them, so i kick one of the doors open and the tour guide leads us through the door. once inside there is a massive glass wall. on the other side of the glass are 3 concrete tombs. the first, which is the biggest has the name Moses inscribed on it. the other two belong to Moses son and his sons wife. no one has any idea why Moses is in the whitehouse but he is. next the tour guide leads me to a space shuttle and tells me to suit up and get on. i put in a suit of power armor similar to starcraft armor. i get in the shuttle and blast of to a space station. once on the station i am greeted by a lone space marine who tells me to gear up, because the station has become infested. i grab about 5 shotguns and 3 Halo battle rifles and we head down the corridor to the main room. the station is infested with a cross between the Flood and Necromorphs. after running down the hall shooting everything that moves with my shotguns e enter a massive room. on the opposite side of the room there is a pool of acid. in the acid are massive worms thrashing about. the space marine yells "look up, that what i am after". i look up to see a giant moth creature. somehow i knew that the creature loves to eat ash, so i start a fire and the thing starts eating the ash from the flame. after unloading an entire clip from the battle rife into its head it drops dead. the marine looks at it and says " finally i have what i came for" and he leaves. i walk through a door and my weapons and armor are gone, im am standing in a field with my brother who is wielding a battle axe and my dog. i look across the field and see my grandmother. i take the dog over to her and tell her to watch the dog. she says OK and lets the dog run away toward thi massive snake creature. i run up to the snake thing and suddenly i can throw fire and lightning from my hands as long as i move them forward and back like a machine gun.before it can even move i have the creature down and dead. then i hear a roar above and a dragon comes swooping down. my regular attacks do nothing so i get the idea to combine the two. apparently, fire + lightning = plasma. i cover the monster with plasma and watch as it dissolves.

then i woke up. it was a fun one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

just to be safe

im sorry to those who believe that aliens aren't real but strange occurrences are happening in this world and if someone or something out there is trying to move in here we need to be prepared. you will call me crazy, saying that it is easy to explain away all of the thing in this video im posting but you cant deny these documented and downright disturbing facts. i saw this video on another blog i follow: check it out, watch the videos, and ask yourself  "if the universe is a massive as we believe, why cant there be other life-forms out there watching us?"

Story part 3: Enter Thor

 "It's about time you got here, I didn't think you were gonna show."

"Seriously? When have I ever bailed on you?"

"Remember that night I got into a fight with that raider in the outskirt bar?"

"I didn't tell you to call him out for 'Giving you the stink eye'."

"Yeah whatever. So, are you ready for this? I mean I'm not sure what exactly to expect with these people, I've never dealt with them."

"Why exactly are you dealing with them?"

"About a month ago, Sazz personally came in here. He told me that he wanted me to order something for him from a small group of specialty traders. When I asked why, he said that if I knew what was good for me I'd shut my yap and do what he asked."

"As long as it pays well, I don't need to know anything."

I walk around the store as Thor writes down the info for my trip. Walking past one of the counters I see a ring siting in a box on a shelf.

"Hey what kind of ring is this?"

"That's a silver ring with an emerald set in it. Some traveler came in here and pawned it. Hahaha, I gave the guy 50 caps. It's easily worth 300, stupid travelers."

"Yeah, stupid travelers."

Thinking that it is exactly what Frank was asking for, I reached out and snatched the ring of the shelf, quickly sticking it in my jackets pocket. It's gonna be a fun day when he realizes this baby is gone. It's for a good cause, right?

"So are the directions written up yet" I ask hoping to get out of there as fast as possible.

"Yeah, here they are. It should take about three days to walk, so I have prepeared a bag of the essentials: 6 canteens, a rollout bed, some fire starter, and just in case, I threw in a little firepower."

"O.K. then, I'll see you in a week"

"Hey, Something isn't right about this trip. Be careful Blane."

"Aren't I always?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Story part 2: Welcome to Vegas

I raise my head and look around, a few more poeple have joined me since I first came in this small, run down church. Each of these people come here every day hoping that their gods will answer them and grant their desires. I get up and leave the building, blinded for a few seconds as my eyes adjust to the sun. When things come into focus, I see the outskirts of a city slowly being taken back by the deserts that it once dominated. Welcome to Las Vegas the sign reads as I walk into town, seeking out Thor's General Store. He is one of the few people I can tolerate in this world, not to mention I get steady buisness from him. In front of me is a 10 foot tall wall, the protective wall around the city meant to keep out the... freaks... from the wastes. I walk up to the giant door and am met by one of the guards of Vegas. He is a huge man, built up from military training and super steroids developed by the few remaining chemists.

"Hey, Frank" I say, flashing my I.D. badge.

"Hello, Mr. Xeno. Coming in to trade?"

"Not today, I have a special job. Just coming to get the info and them I'm a ghost."

"Alright then, I'll get Red to open the gate. HEY RED, WE'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE COMING THROUGH!"

I hear the whine of a motor kick on and the gates slowly begin to open.

"Oh, and Mr. Xeno. If you happen across any fine jewelry while on your little treck I would pay well for it. My anniversary is coming up and I'd like to get the wife something special."

"I'll keep a look out for anything. See ya later Frank."

I walk though the open gates and hear them close behind me. looking around I see the terrible degridation of the city. walking down the streets i first notice the smell, a combination of smoke from machines and human waste. Then I am met with the sights of the inner town. I see drug addicts lieing in the streets, some dead of overdose and some that should be. On each corner there is a small group of scantily clad women, obviously prostitutes to everyone not blind. Hearing them call out to me makes me laugh. I knew some of them in a biblical sence, I wont lie. Even thought I loved one once, but learned the hard way the they're all business. As I drew closer to Thor's I ran into a group of men transporting large crates. They work for a man by the name of Sazz. He runs the city, by controlling everything. Although no one would admit it, he is the boss of a small crime syndicate in New Vegas. A city that began under criminal control and shall end under criminal control. I turn the corner and see a big sign that says "Thor's General Store." I walk in and am met by a big guy cleaning a .44. He looks up at me and grins.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i cant remember any dreams lately so im going to post about my favorite music.

1st up is 

Both of their albums are amazing. off of their first "The Dethalbum" we have Bloodrocuted. it is hands down the best from the first outing. then there comes "The Dethalbum II". almost every somg of of this CD is perfect. if you are going to check them out i suggest Mermaider II, Laser Cannon Death Sentence, and Burn the Earth.

next up is...

If you know nothing of these Gods of Metal, then i pity the fool. check out Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and Nothing Else Matters.

last and certainly my favorite band of all time...


His Band speaks to me on multiple levels. i see myself in the music, it gets me pumped up and ready to face the day. hands down if you want good music to rock out to then this is them. i could recommend their ultimate song, Down with the Sickness, but im not going to. as soon as you hear their stuff you will check it all out. so im goin to tell you to check 10,000 Fists, Inside the Fire, Land of Confusion, and Another Way to Die. i swear you will enjoy this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Man Standing

my brother and i were in the car heading home, just shooting the breeze when a random thought popped in my head. What would i do if i woke up tomorrow and as the last person on earth. first thoughts are about having fun. driving as fast as you want, going anywhere and doing anything. the problem comes when you realize that with no one around, who is running the power plants, who is making your food? eventually food runs out or goes bad. how good are you at farming or hunting? have you even used a gun? its fun to imagine what you would do in this situation. for those who read this and have a blog, write up your "last man standing" plan as an entry. you never know what brilliant ideas you have until you focus and think about it.