Saturday, September 3, 2011


so around 3 in the afternoon yesterday i started too feel a little tingle in the back of my the time 11 o'clock rolled around i was having trouble talking. i went to bed around then, but just couldn't fall asleep. around 4 in the morning, i decided to get up and get something to drink. i sat up in bed and felt an incredible pain shoot through my chest. it went strait through my chest, hitting my heart and the spine in an almost perfect line. i don't know what caused it but it hurt so bad i had to lay back down and couldn't move for about 30 minutes.eventually the pain subsided mostly, but was still there when ever i tried to move. by this time  couldn't talk at all, so i just laid back down and tried to get some sleep, but still couldn't.finally my alarm went off at around 7:40 so i got out of bed and started getting ready for work. as i walked to the bathroom the pain in my chest hit me again with full force, forcing me to my knees.i wont go into details about the gross stuff, but i am sick as a dog. when i got to work, my boss basically just kicked me out, telling me to get some meds and rest. i really hope this goes away soon cause it sucks.


  1. Same happens with me. D:

  2. take some ginger with warm water, this is a traditional remedy that people in my country always use to treat flu.

  3. Cough syrup + whisky should do the trick.