Thursday, September 29, 2011

been a while.

its been a while since i have posted anything, but its not because i forgot about this place, rather i cant find any topics to write about. i recently bought Resident Evil 4 off of xbox live, and that combined with dead island must have overloaded my brain because i just cant stop having zombie dreams. i'd go onto further detail but i just cant remember more that a few action packed moments. mostly its me in a closed in space running around trying not to get the infected attention. eventually i do get the attention of the biggest infected in existence and do some weird running/flying thing to escape. i know you cant tell the time it take me to write this thing, but the time it took me to stop the last sentence and start writing this sentence was 6 minutes. while at wok i come up with multiple exciting topics to write about, but once i get home and sit down ot write them down, they just lose all the excitement i felt at first. so in ending, because i just cant think of anything else to write, dont take coupons to Arby's... we hate it, alot.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I was playing the new DLC for Fallout: New Vegas and came across a cavern known as the Cave of Abaddon. the character i have has the Wild Wasteland perk witch allows for strange and awesome random things to happen in the world, such as finding a couple Holy Hand Grenades or Indiana Jones dead body in a fridge. so, while wandering the cave i found an hidden alcove. from a distance i saw what looked like a dog, but as i came closer i realized it wasn't alive. once i got right up to it i realized that it was a dog that had been fossilized... and its name is Seymour. for those of you that watch Futurama, you will recognize the name as that of Fry's dog from the episode Jurassic Bark. it is single-handedly the saddest episode of television ever. when i came across this i just had to share. so for those of you who dont know what im talking about i will post the clip. watch.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

got a little bit

when i woke up this morning, most of my dream stuck with me. i cant remember how everything started but i do remember what followed, so i figure ill tell you what i remember.

i am going to a family reunion at night that for some reason is taking place at a church. my brother and i are in a black SUV, but i dont remember who was driving. anyway, we get to the reunion and are told that class was still in session. i dont know what classes that theu were talking about but i just said ok and got back into the SUV. (i don't know if you have ever seen the GTA 4 Carmaggedon videos but they will help you visualize what happened next). we started driving around, trying to waste time until the reunion and chaos broke out. cars just simply started flying around in ways that cars shouldnt move. they were slamming into people sending them flying ragdoll style. we were very entertained, but cautions because we were trying not to get hit. every so often i would jump to first person view of the people walking the road and trying to dodge the cars as they flew crazily at me. e3ventually we decided to head back to the reunion. as we pulled into the parking lot i saw a bufet table outside and family members walking out of the building toward it. my brother was driving at this time and i told him to keep driving. for some reason i didnt want these people to see me. so he pulled around to the other side of the building. then from out o nowhere a giant woman came up to the SUV and climbed into the back seat. she then pulled out a glass and started vomiting into it. then she held it out and told me to drink it. i said there was no way i would drink that. she threw the glass out the window and said "oh well, i just wanted to know another puke drinker. want to go shopping? ill pay." i agreed to that immediately. we went to a mall, but instead of it being a massive i story building, it was a tower and each floor was a different store. the fiorst floor was a clothes shop, but she wanted to go somewhere near the top. i remember getting to about the 5th floor and it being a toy store, but with toys from my childhood. stuff like Stretch Armstrong and the original power rangers, but everything was at least 80 dollars. we kept going until i looked at my feet and said " i think i need new shoes" then i woke up.

not my strangest dream but its the first i could remember in a while.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i am having trouble remembering my dreams completely recently. don't know if its because  am not getting enough sleep, or if its what im eating, but something is stopping me. at the same time, i am still not finished with the blade specialist in dead island so i cant write up a review of her character (though i notice that her weapons degrade at an alarming rate compared to Sam B). so for now im just gonna have to take a page from My 2 Pesos and do another series of awesome pictures. some of these are funny, some are bad-ass but all are worth taking a look at. so without further adieu.

 This is one of my favorite movies. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are comedic geniuses.
 Castiel, an angel who defied his angelic superiors, calling the Arch-Angel Michael an Ass-Butt. For his first attempt at cussing, he did pretty well
 opening this box would not be advised.

 Never challenge the gate.
 read the closed captions. i laughed hard for a good 5 minutes.
 then we wouldn't have had to endure many years of this crap
 read the full story, its funny as hell.
whenever i am at the beach, i have my go go gadget legs at the ready all the time.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

dead island

i finally finished the game. it is much better than i previously thought. the only real problem i've found is the undead called an "infected". these are the rage zombies from 28 day later. now, in groups of 2 or 3 they arent to difficult to stop, just thrust kick them back to stun them then bring whichever weapon you have down onto their head. the problem is that in act 2 they show up in groups of about 5. if you miss just one of them with a thrust kick they somehow swing their arms and run through you doing massive damage. this leads to you being surrounded and unable to attack as each hit from them causes your character to stumble. so if you have 5 different people hitting you with 2 arms that leaves no time to counter attack. really that is the only gripe i have with this game, because as long as you arent in this one area the game is very smooth. the game is very similar to borderlands. you have 3 skill trees you get to level up. each character is a specialist in certain weapons and has a special skill. as of right now Ive only played as Sam B, who is a blunt weapons specialist.

basically i spent the game using maces and bats and crowbars and hammers to smash every undead S.O.B into dust. his special skill is similar to bricks in borderlands. he goes into melee form and a special set of brass knuckles appear allowing him to bulldoze through the biggest of you level up the enemies level to equal your scale and the weapons also level up. there are 5 level of weapon rarity. the names of the weapons change colors to represent how rare the weapons is, much like borderlands. white is the most common, followed by green, then blue, then purple, and finally orange. i highly recommend this to borderlands fans

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


quick little update. i went out and bought dead island. this game is very good. think a combination of borderlands rpg elements + dead rising 2 weapon customization. i hav only uncovered 3 different types of Z, but they are unique enough that the strategies used must be altered depending in the sounds you hear in the distance. i will be giving a full look into the game when i am done with my first play-through (4 characters, 4 play-throughs) so until then this game will be taking up much of my free time. if you play games but arent sure if this one is for you, at least rent it. you wont be disappointed.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

still a little sick

im feeling better than yesterday, but can tell im still sick. so because of this i don't have much to talk about. well, this Tuesday Dead Island comes out. so there is that to look forward to. it seem that it was just yesterday that i first saw the cinimatic trailer, so the fact that the game os coming out already is just awesome. so with 2 big titles out (there was also deus ex) i am at a dilema: which to play first. more than likely it will be dead island. then its a wait till 11/11/11 for skyrim. for that one, i dont want to wait. any gamers out there? which games are you looking forward to?

p.s. my brother has started a blog of his own. its a unique style, so if you want to follow a story line from multiple perspectives check him out.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


so around 3 in the afternoon yesterday i started too feel a little tingle in the back of my the time 11 o'clock rolled around i was having trouble talking. i went to bed around then, but just couldn't fall asleep. around 4 in the morning, i decided to get up and get something to drink. i sat up in bed and felt an incredible pain shoot through my chest. it went strait through my chest, hitting my heart and the spine in an almost perfect line. i don't know what caused it but it hurt so bad i had to lay back down and couldn't move for about 30 minutes.eventually the pain subsided mostly, but was still there when ever i tried to move. by this time  couldn't talk at all, so i just laid back down and tried to get some sleep, but still couldn't.finally my alarm went off at around 7:40 so i got out of bed and started getting ready for work. as i walked to the bathroom the pain in my chest hit me again with full force, forcing me to my knees.i wont go into details about the gross stuff, but i am sick as a dog. when i got to work, my boss basically just kicked me out, telling me to get some meds and rest. i really hope this goes away soon cause it sucks.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

other stories

ok, so i havenbt been able to remember my dreams recently, so i decided to go back to the past. a long, long time ago i had an account on this thing called "myspace". now some people believe this to be the way primitive man developed facebook, but we cant be sure. anyway, on this "myspace" i had a few dreams posted. since i cant remember a significant enough portion of my dreams lately, i figure i would let you in on one in particular. it has to do with the biblical apocalypse. and the way it ended bothered me for so long. so here it is:

My former friend Ryan, my brother Adam and myself were in a black SUV driving down the street, I don't know who was driving. we were talking about who knows what and listening to music. Suddenly traffic comes to a complete stop. I look forward and see what at first I thought was a giant jellyfish the size of a man hovering above traffic. Then I took a closer look and realized it looked more angelic. It had a white core that shined very intensely and was generally human in shape, it also had an outward glow in a shade of what I want to call purple but it was much more powerful than a purple. Then, from the ground, more shapes started to just float upward. They were also human shaped and glowed just as brightly as the first thing I saw and had a faint purple glow around them. In seconds, millions of them were all floating upwards. It was then that chaos broke out and traffic moved at breakneck speed. All I kept saying was that this was the first stage of the rapture. I have no idea how I knew this but I knew without a doubt I was seeing the dead rise from their graves and go to eternal happiness. We took a shape turn to the left and out the right window was about a hundred Jesus's each looking unique. We came to a stop and I hadn't stopped looking out the front windshield. We got out of the car and wandered around and finally made it to a church and there were about 30 people in it. Everyone was silent except me. I told everyone what was going on and that we were the next to be taken. I ran into friends of my stepmother and they said that she was probably already on her way up. Then she walked in the building. No one said anything for a while. After about 5 minutes I said what everyone was thinking. We were left behind. Almost immediately the scene outside changed. A massive pillar of fire erupted from the ground miles away. It was like a tornado of flame but instead of coming to a point at the ground it just grew wider and wider as it got closer to the ground. People were being picked up into the air and tormented by the flames that would not go out. Then a strange platform appeared outside the church. I don't know how we knew but it was atonement platform. Everyone but me walked out onto the platform and immediately caught fire. They each just walked to their designated spots to accept the torment assigned to them until they were deemed worthy of eternal bliss.  I finally walked out the doors and burst into flames. I could feel the flames and the heat and the pain very clearly but it did nothing to my skin, clothes or hair. I took my place and began my personal torment, atoning for my sins. There were what I thought were guards on the platform. whether demon or angel I don't know but they watched over us. Eventually we were allowed to stop and go back into the church, which was still normal. once inside everyone was silent again.I don't know why, but everyone's attention was drawn to the front doors of the church. Then a thought dawned on me that no one had even thought of. I looked around the room and finally spoke up. "Who is the Anti-Christ?"

i woke up at that moment. i am almost certain that the Anti-Christ was going to walk through those doors at that exact moment. i have tried to remember as much about that dream as i could, but i just cant. tell me what you think about all this.