Wednesday, September 7, 2011


quick little update. i went out and bought dead island. this game is very good. think a combination of borderlands rpg elements + dead rising 2 weapon customization. i hav only uncovered 3 different types of Z, but they are unique enough that the strategies used must be altered depending in the sounds you hear in the distance. i will be giving a full look into the game when i am done with my first play-through (4 characters, 4 play-throughs) so until then this game will be taking up much of my free time. if you play games but arent sure if this one is for you, at least rent it. you wont be disappointed.


  1. I keep hearing awesome things about this one. I cant wait to play it, but it hasnt been released yet in my country :(

  2. I can't wait until I'm done with all this moving hassle, I need this game!

  3. Dead Island is sick, definitely play co-op for Act II.