Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 2

sorry for no update yesterday. i had issues with my laptop arise whilst viewing updates from the blogs i follow. so without further adieu, part 2.

Carry on my Wayward Son
while this is a good song, it makes the list because of the story i remember when i hear it. if anyone who reads this watches "Supernatural" then you know exactly what story i hear and if you love it like i do you know exactly why this song makes the list. the video i have included with this entry also has clips from the show. i see myself in the story, playing the part of the big brother because i know what he goes through. just take a listen and watch the clips. hell, watch the show. it way be a litle slow in the first couple of episodes, but it is worth it.

Laser Cannon Death Sentence

this comes from the second release of the most brutal band, the biggest act on earth, the bringers of the metalocalypse. i love the message that this song sends. with lyrics like:
I'm a rocket
A roman candle
A fucking missile
On my way to hell

I'm a martyr
A saint of sinners
And you will fear me in my deth
it sounds dark and it is, but i read a little more into it. this person is seen as evil, but to whom. as i listen to this right now im watching V for Vendetta. V is considered evil by the government in the movie but we know that he is the hero of the story. so in this way i see the person in the song as the hero.

 Down with the Sickness
This is the song that brought me into the world of Disturbed. its all about the sickness that dwells in us all. we all have that voice in us that tells us what to do, the problem is that the voice stems form different things. this songs has the voice come form an abusive mother. surrender to the sickness and you will find a new family in disturbed.
Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson

this song speaks to me because i am not one of the "beautiful people". it has a good, if not odd, flow. really, i can only recommend this to a very small niche of music lovers just because it is such an odd sound.

Inside the Fire
call me crazy, but i think that this is the greatest love son ever written. i know that is was written as a therapeutic exercise for the lead singer and as a way to bring the problem of suicide to the fans, but i hear the story of someone that had the person that he loved commit suicide, and he must chose whether to sell his soul to be put next to her inside the fire. i base all of my relationships on this, would i sell my soul and go to hell for eternity just to be with her? so far the answer has been no. but the idea of condemning yourself to hell just to be with the one you love, is the ultimate act of love.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 1

i am completely unable to think of a good long post. haven't had any vivid dreams, and i want to fact check a little more before i get into the supernatural. i could have put the next bit of my story up, but i feel like that's a cop-out considering i already wrote it. so i chose this instead. now onto the music. as you may remember from my past post about music, i like metal. however, if a song speaks to me its out of my hands.
p.s. im sorry but for some reason blogger wont let me put YouTube videos in my post so i will put the links and if you are interested just paste them into your browser.

Black Hole Sun
i don't know if its the sound, the message, or Chris Cornell's delivery but i can listen to this for hours (and have) and never get sick of it. Soundgarden in general has good music, but this one keeps me coming back. take a listen.
Rollins Band
this song starts out very calm and you just listen to Henry Rollins telling a story of how you and he meet. then out of nowhere he tells you how he is gonna get in your head and mess with you... by lying. then he apologizes and says he will never do it again... just to laugh in our face and tell you he lied again. i was shown this by a co-worker so it has kinda become an inside joke.

Enter Sandman
some of you might be wondering why i put Metallica so far down the list. i love there music, but i have been listening too it so much and for so long that it lacks freshness. i will still crank it up when it comes on, but i wont go seeking it out on my iPod (i would say radio, but it doesn't work). that not to say you shouldnt go out and seek this masterpiece. some say that this is the song that signifies when Metallica "sold out". i say that this is the song that catapulted Metallica into homes and peoples lives that would have never given them the light of day.
John Cale
you may remember this as the song from Shrek. all you get with this is a man, a piano, and a tale of all the aspects of love. as i said i am into metal, but when i heard this i knew it would stick with me for my whole life.
this is good to listen when its raining and you aren't watching TV or being bogged down by outside stimuli. just turn off the lights, open a window so the rain can be heard and sit back and enjoy this piece of musical genius.

Ace of Spades
i first heard this while playing tony hawk pro skater 2, if that tells you how long ago my relationship with Motorhead started. with a catchy opening hooking you into this one you have to follow it to the end. plus, Lemmy Kilmister has the perfect voice for this music. honestly, no other person has that perfect gravely/growl comes naturally in his voice, he has the very voice of metal. on the surface its about a high stakes card game, but i think that a little deeper into the lyrics you can see a little more sinister implication. take the lyric "You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, But that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever". if nothing else it a good gateway into the world of Motorhead.

That is for this part. hopefully tomorrow blogger will let me put the videos up instead of just posting the link.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life After Death

as the title suggests, i am talking about what happens once we die. we know what happens to our physical bodies, but where does our mental body go; our spiritual body, if you will.

there is a theory that i think is called quantum immortality which states that we never die. every time we experience some one die the universe divides. in the original universe the person is dead, but in the new one the person survives his death experience and lives on. while an intriguing thought, we can never test to prove or disprove this.

then we have the Ghost option. when we die we roam the earth, not necessarily to torment or help but just to continue to exist. there is evidence that something we perceive as ghosts exist, with photos and videos of what looks likepeople from the past who are obviously dead, walking amongst us. i wanted to post videos of this, but if you just go to YouTube you can see them. the best evidence i have seen comes from the show "Ghost Hunters". 2 clips in particular, one in a lighthouse where a black mass looks over a rail down at the camera posted at the bottom then running up stairs at an impossible speed to lok over the rail again. the second takes place in a prison where a black mass runs toward the camera then moves in the opposite direction, defying the laws of physics.

this is really just post 1 in a series of posts i have based in the supernatural. ill ber back again to fill you in later.

p.s. im sorry if i dont get to check out your blogs. i keep getting Javascript:void(0) on certain links. if you know how to fix this let me know.

Monday, July 25, 2011


so for this i decided to share my greatest fears. most peoples greatest fears are quite irrational and mine are no different. i have no idea where my most deep fear comes from... i cant really tell where any of my fears stem, but it come from somewhere.

Fear 1: falling from great heights.
i think that a lot of people have this fear, but its not a major one. now that i think about this, i think it come from a traumatic experience from childhood. back when i was a kid my brother and i had bunk beds. me being older i got top. one night i must have been having a crazy nightmare, because i woke up and i was falling to the ground. i hit pretty hard (i was 4 or 5 at the time) and i think that waking up from a nightmare to realize that you are falling would scar anyone.

Fear 2: driving fast and having breaks fail.
this pretty much comes through in my dreams. my nightmares no longer consist of monsters and disasters like volcanoes, or tornadoes. those things actually lead into a great dream, however once i get in a car it seems nothing good can come of it. my car seems to speed up to extreme speeds and i have to weave in and out of traffic, also the car is sliding and fish-tailing like crazy. this usually lead to me heading toward a wall or something. as i try to step on the brake nothing happens. i never think of getting out of the car or just shutting off the car or just trying to throw it into park. i have had my brakes fail on me once, but it was recent enough not to have affected the dreams as they have been happening for a while.

Fear 3: this one is the most irrational and i cant place it origin. imagine you are on a boat, its a bright sunny day and you can see deep into the water watching sharks and dolphins and fish just swimming around. eventually the water is too deep to see through it. its at that point that you realize that the massive black mass you assumed was just the point that light cant penetrate the water is actually a creature swimming below you.

now imagine being in the water and seeing this thing swimming toward you.

THAT is my greatest fear. massive sea monsters attacking. living in Tampa Florida there is a massive bridge over the ocean that is about 5.5 miles long. driving along this and looking at the matter surrounding me, no possible way to get to land in time if there was a sea monster attack is the most stressful experience I've had.

So tell me, not necessarily in such detail, what your greatest fear is

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Legend

so a few years back i came across a web series and it concluded about a year ago. it was called "The Legend of Neil" and it was the greatest thing ever. as you can tell from the title it is a Legend of Zelda parody, with the character of link being played out by Neil. Neil is a drunk, vulgar, loser gas station attendant. so combine those qualitys with the world o zelda and you get pure hilarity. Hyrule isnt a nice and fun place to live, as neil quickly learns and he meets octoroks, moblins, german skeletons. with characters like Old Man and his tourettes afflicted brother Oold Man helping "Link" along his quest to defeat Ganon, the King of Evil. "link gets is many hilarious predicaments such as knocking up a fairy and getting drunk/high with 3 moblins who have no idea who he is. i ask you watch atleast the frist 3 episodes before writing this excellent series off. you can find it at ,  you will not be disappointed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

amusing stories from work.

so i work in a place that is, well, not a good neighborhood. there are routinely drunks homeless and wanna be gang bangers wandering the sidewalk and streets. naturally they provide hours of entertainment for my co-workers and I. i thought that sharing some of the stories would amuse you.

one morning i arrived at work early, as is usual because i use the time before work to get some reading done. i park in the back of the parking lot looking toward the street. i see a homeless man walking down the street and he reaches the street corner that Arby's sits. he then drops his pants squats and craps on the sidewalk. this is a bust road during the morning, so buses and people driving to work are seeing this man poo at the corner. obviously the cops were called and he was arrested, because he didnt leave the scene.

another time a homeless drink man was walking down the street rather successfully.  the only problem was that his pants were unzipped and his penis was hanging out for all to see. several people tried to tell him but he just started screaming obscenities at them. this one was much more harmful, however, as it was during the school year and school buses drove by full of kids. once the cops arrested him we have never seen him again.

one night while closing a drunk man wandered into the lobby and just started staring at my boss. Boss walked over and asked him what he wanted, to which the drunk said F**K YOU! Totally caught off guard we asked what his problem was he started ranting about not getting his cheeseburger. there is a McDonald's down the street so we think he got our two stores mixed up.

just today i was out painting the store, getting it ready for a big inspection, when i saw a "Zombie" (Zombies are what we call anyone who falls into the Drunk, Homeless or Gang banger categories). whenever a car drove past him he would stop, turn to face the road whether the car was there or not and scream "Fifty Cents!" trying to paint while someone scream fifty cents every two seconds is hard because you will be laughing you ass off at the sheer randomness of it.

there are more stories but i will save them for later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pics from the net

so after going through my pictures i realized that i have way to many for one post, so im just gonna put up 10 for now.

Mayor West of Quahog is hilarious, everything that he says is perfect.

Would they be friends or kill each other?

What is the one thing that would make Kratos better? A symbiote.

Favorite Mega-Zord, awesome picture.

the childhoods of 2 generations will now be brought forth to battle.

Transformers just came out, Dark Knight Rises teaser just came out. this seemed appropriate.

im not asking who would win, but rather how long would this fight last?

 this is very disturbing

 My favorite zelda game. forget skyward sword, take me back to Termina.
Wolvie has no adamantium in this pic. the fact that he seems to have lasted 5 second is amazing, and i want Wolvie to win. but could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

setting up for tomorrow

no post today (this doesn't count), because i am setting up tomorrows post. i come across a lot of awesome pictures whilst strolling the internet and im going to post the most epic of them tomorrow. also, for anyone who plays Fallout: New Vegas, the new DLC is out "Old World Blues" Check it out.

Monday, July 18, 2011

the white house, moses, aliens and magic.

so i had a dream a few nights ago and have been trying to remember as much as i can so i can post it here. so here is what i remember:

im with a tour group touring the whitehouse. as we walk down the corridors there are amny doors we cant go through. naturally i want to go through them, so i kick one of the doors open and the tour guide leads us through the door. once inside there is a massive glass wall. on the other side of the glass are 3 concrete tombs. the first, which is the biggest has the name Moses inscribed on it. the other two belong to Moses son and his sons wife. no one has any idea why Moses is in the whitehouse but he is. next the tour guide leads me to a space shuttle and tells me to suit up and get on. i put in a suit of power armor similar to starcraft armor. i get in the shuttle and blast of to a space station. once on the station i am greeted by a lone space marine who tells me to gear up, because the station has become infested. i grab about 5 shotguns and 3 Halo battle rifles and we head down the corridor to the main room. the station is infested with a cross between the Flood and Necromorphs. after running down the hall shooting everything that moves with my shotguns e enter a massive room. on the opposite side of the room there is a pool of acid. in the acid are massive worms thrashing about. the space marine yells "look up, that what i am after". i look up to see a giant moth creature. somehow i knew that the creature loves to eat ash, so i start a fire and the thing starts eating the ash from the flame. after unloading an entire clip from the battle rife into its head it drops dead. the marine looks at it and says " finally i have what i came for" and he leaves. i walk through a door and my weapons and armor are gone, im am standing in a field with my brother who is wielding a battle axe and my dog. i look across the field and see my grandmother. i take the dog over to her and tell her to watch the dog. she says OK and lets the dog run away toward thi massive snake creature. i run up to the snake thing and suddenly i can throw fire and lightning from my hands as long as i move them forward and back like a machine gun.before it can even move i have the creature down and dead. then i hear a roar above and a dragon comes swooping down. my regular attacks do nothing so i get the idea to combine the two. apparently, fire + lightning = plasma. i cover the monster with plasma and watch as it dissolves.

then i woke up. it was a fun one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

just to be safe

im sorry to those who believe that aliens aren't real but strange occurrences are happening in this world and if someone or something out there is trying to move in here we need to be prepared. you will call me crazy, saying that it is easy to explain away all of the thing in this video im posting but you cant deny these documented and downright disturbing facts. i saw this video on another blog i follow: check it out, watch the videos, and ask yourself  "if the universe is a massive as we believe, why cant there be other life-forms out there watching us?"

Story part 3: Enter Thor

 "It's about time you got here, I didn't think you were gonna show."

"Seriously? When have I ever bailed on you?"

"Remember that night I got into a fight with that raider in the outskirt bar?"

"I didn't tell you to call him out for 'Giving you the stink eye'."

"Yeah whatever. So, are you ready for this? I mean I'm not sure what exactly to expect with these people, I've never dealt with them."

"Why exactly are you dealing with them?"

"About a month ago, Sazz personally came in here. He told me that he wanted me to order something for him from a small group of specialty traders. When I asked why, he said that if I knew what was good for me I'd shut my yap and do what he asked."

"As long as it pays well, I don't need to know anything."

I walk around the store as Thor writes down the info for my trip. Walking past one of the counters I see a ring siting in a box on a shelf.

"Hey what kind of ring is this?"

"That's a silver ring with an emerald set in it. Some traveler came in here and pawned it. Hahaha, I gave the guy 50 caps. It's easily worth 300, stupid travelers."

"Yeah, stupid travelers."

Thinking that it is exactly what Frank was asking for, I reached out and snatched the ring of the shelf, quickly sticking it in my jackets pocket. It's gonna be a fun day when he realizes this baby is gone. It's for a good cause, right?

"So are the directions written up yet" I ask hoping to get out of there as fast as possible.

"Yeah, here they are. It should take about three days to walk, so I have prepeared a bag of the essentials: 6 canteens, a rollout bed, some fire starter, and just in case, I threw in a little firepower."

"O.K. then, I'll see you in a week"

"Hey, Something isn't right about this trip. Be careful Blane."

"Aren't I always?"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Story part 2: Welcome to Vegas

I raise my head and look around, a few more poeple have joined me since I first came in this small, run down church. Each of these people come here every day hoping that their gods will answer them and grant their desires. I get up and leave the building, blinded for a few seconds as my eyes adjust to the sun. When things come into focus, I see the outskirts of a city slowly being taken back by the deserts that it once dominated. Welcome to Las Vegas the sign reads as I walk into town, seeking out Thor's General Store. He is one of the few people I can tolerate in this world, not to mention I get steady buisness from him. In front of me is a 10 foot tall wall, the protective wall around the city meant to keep out the... freaks... from the wastes. I walk up to the giant door and am met by one of the guards of Vegas. He is a huge man, built up from military training and super steroids developed by the few remaining chemists.

"Hey, Frank" I say, flashing my I.D. badge.

"Hello, Mr. Xeno. Coming in to trade?"

"Not today, I have a special job. Just coming to get the info and them I'm a ghost."

"Alright then, I'll get Red to open the gate. HEY RED, WE'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE COMING THROUGH!"

I hear the whine of a motor kick on and the gates slowly begin to open.

"Oh, and Mr. Xeno. If you happen across any fine jewelry while on your little treck I would pay well for it. My anniversary is coming up and I'd like to get the wife something special."

"I'll keep a look out for anything. See ya later Frank."

I walk though the open gates and hear them close behind me. looking around I see the terrible degridation of the city. walking down the streets i first notice the smell, a combination of smoke from machines and human waste. Then I am met with the sights of the inner town. I see drug addicts lieing in the streets, some dead of overdose and some that should be. On each corner there is a small group of scantily clad women, obviously prostitutes to everyone not blind. Hearing them call out to me makes me laugh. I knew some of them in a biblical sence, I wont lie. Even thought I loved one once, but learned the hard way the they're all business. As I drew closer to Thor's I ran into a group of men transporting large crates. They work for a man by the name of Sazz. He runs the city, by controlling everything. Although no one would admit it, he is the boss of a small crime syndicate in New Vegas. A city that began under criminal control and shall end under criminal control. I turn the corner and see a big sign that says "Thor's General Store." I walk in and am met by a big guy cleaning a .44. He looks up at me and grins.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i cant remember any dreams lately so im going to post about my favorite music.

1st up is 

Both of their albums are amazing. off of their first "The Dethalbum" we have Bloodrocuted. it is hands down the best from the first outing. then there comes "The Dethalbum II". almost every somg of of this CD is perfect. if you are going to check them out i suggest Mermaider II, Laser Cannon Death Sentence, and Burn the Earth.

next up is...

If you know nothing of these Gods of Metal, then i pity the fool. check out Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, and Nothing Else Matters.

last and certainly my favorite band of all time...


His Band speaks to me on multiple levels. i see myself in the music, it gets me pumped up and ready to face the day. hands down if you want good music to rock out to then this is them. i could recommend their ultimate song, Down with the Sickness, but im not going to. as soon as you hear their stuff you will check it all out. so im goin to tell you to check 10,000 Fists, Inside the Fire, Land of Confusion, and Another Way to Die. i swear you will enjoy this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Man Standing

my brother and i were in the car heading home, just shooting the breeze when a random thought popped in my head. What would i do if i woke up tomorrow and as the last person on earth. first thoughts are about having fun. driving as fast as you want, going anywhere and doing anything. the problem comes when you realize that with no one around, who is running the power plants, who is making your food? eventually food runs out or goes bad. how good are you at farming or hunting? have you even used a gun? its fun to imagine what you would do in this situation. for those who read this and have a blog, write up your "last man standing" plan as an entry. you never know what brilliant ideas you have until you focus and think about it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


i have a passion for reading. the only problem is i have very specific tastes in reading material. my all time favorite book is "where the red fern grows". i recommend this highly. its a great story of a boy and his dogs who share a bond beyond time. the next is magic: the gathering, but only 4 books. the first is Arena, its the best of all the books hands down and is how i imagine the card battle would look in real life. the other 3 are a series that begins with whispering woods. its aobut a wood-cutter and his simpleton sister's ordeal with a master wizard, it doesn't end well. then there is the starcraft archive. 4 stories that take place during the first games time frame, it just adds to the mythos and explains in further detail the events of the game. finally it would be the series based on the t.v show Supernatural. Supernatural is the best show in existence and if you haven't seen it i demand you go and watch at least the first few episodes. it should be obvious that the books in this series expands the tv show and tells what happens between episodes/seasons.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


its been pretty slow in the world o games recently so i busted out an oldie but a goodie: elder scrolls iv. after i don't know how many years it is still fun. true there are many exploits, but they add to the game. so, day off, i'm wandering thru tamriel.

Friday, July 8, 2011


today is my 23rd birthday. so far its going well. went to work and it was much better then yesterday. my grandma visited my work and dropped of her gift.  it was a book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". should be a good read. mom wants to take me out for b-day dinner, I'm thinking Chinese.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

terrible day

I had a shitty day. woke up at 7:40. got dressed and headed out the door by 7:50. got to work at 8. i work at Arby's and don't have a key so i have to wait for the opening manager to show up to let me in. 9 o'clock rolls around and still no one shows. i call the GM who has the day off, but didn't tell anyone, and tell him that I'm the only one there., and cant get hold of anyone else. he calls the lady who was supposed to be in at 8 with me. he woke her up with the call. 9:45 she shows up and i walk up to the door. she has n o car so she relies on rides from people. she left the keys to the store at home. GM calls me back, pissed, and asks for an update. i tell him that she forgot her keys an he says he is coming in. 10 minutes later another employee show up to cover for our GM being off. she gets pissed that she came in for nothing, but ends up staying. 10:30 GM shows up. we normally open our doors for business at 9, so at 10:30 we are starting to get customers showing up. we have almost no beef cooked or meats sliced, that my job but i couldn't do it because i was locked out. as soon as i walk in i have to start prepping meats and veggies for the day while making food for the people showing up, very stressful. about half hour into the day we run out of beef. thinking quick i took soe that we put in the oven as we walked in and began slicing, putting it in a container filled with water, covering it with a lid and microwaving it, essentially boiling the meat to servable standards. the GM then walks out and stays missing for 2 hours while we get destroyed the entire time. not a single person ordered less that 4 sandwiches. it stayed this way till i left at 3:00.

It Sucked.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I had to inform you of an amazingly detailed, regularly updated tower defense game: Pokemon Tower Defense. you actually catch and train a team of Pokemon, but play out the game the a tower defense. check out their blog at i promise you wont be let down.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story Intro

Second Apocalypse
Welcome to Vegas

    "Dear Lord, an affliction has been unleashed upon this earth. No one is entirely sure where it came from, but one thing we do know is that what it doesn't kill, becomes something... else. Most of civilization has broken down, leaving only small, fortified colonies, small cities, and roving bands of raiders and survivalists. I'm no one to question your great plan or insinuate the purpose of these creatures, but I know that if this was the way the world ends, it would have happened by now. This plague has taken everything from the world, but in the chaos I have found purpose. I am a trader between the colonies and cities. I have the occasional run in with the raiders, but I can usually handle myself with some quick talking and fast shooting. I just have a feeling that this next trip isn't going to be the same, seeing as i have to go into cave, find a small group of traders and pick up a "special" package. I have only a little more money to collect in order to start my own trader business, buy a building and hire people to do the running for me. At 35 I think I've ran enough. I come here today to ask you for protection, in hopes that this last trip will yield something truly special. God, you haven't show yourself in many ways since the... whatever you would call it... happened, but I need you now. Please help get me through this last trip."

Monday, July 4, 2011

still unsure.

i have no idea where this blog will lead. i cant think of a direction to take this whole thing in. i created it at the time to express the person i cant be, but at the same time i am unable to get past the barrier i created to protect myself from ridicule i the real world and it translates to the digital world. my next post i guess will be a bit of a story i am currently writing. i was hesitant to show anyone because my ego told me the story was so good that someone would steal my idea... the problem with that is that i based the story on the Fallout universe.

anyway, a little about my dream last night. from what i can remember i was in a mansion with about 5 other people. we were armed to the teeth with guns. apparently something along the lines of a zombie apocalypse was taking place. i can remember fighting my way through the waves of infected, getting to a room that had a massive hole in the wall. just on the other side was a parking lot with a massive truck in it. the few that had survived this far got in the truck and we began driving to somewhere. i don't know how we knew where to go, but we did. we had just arrived at a safe house, but before we could get in my dog jumped up on the bed and woke me up to let me know she had to pee. oh yeah, and the characters from that 70's show were there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Post.

Greetings, weary travelers of these strange inter-webs. I plan on using this to take note of the things that go on in my life, not because i believe that they are important and want the world to know, but because i want a place it can be documented for me in the future. if you get sucked in along the way then you are welcome to take a trip down the river that is the "Life of Conflicted Guy."