Wednesday, July 20, 2011

pics from the net

so after going through my pictures i realized that i have way to many for one post, so im just gonna put up 10 for now.

Mayor West of Quahog is hilarious, everything that he says is perfect.

Would they be friends or kill each other?

What is the one thing that would make Kratos better? A symbiote.

Favorite Mega-Zord, awesome picture.

the childhoods of 2 generations will now be brought forth to battle.

Transformers just came out, Dark Knight Rises teaser just came out. this seemed appropriate.

im not asking who would win, but rather how long would this fight last?

 this is very disturbing

 My favorite zelda game. forget skyward sword, take me back to Termina.
Wolvie has no adamantium in this pic. the fact that he seems to have lasted 5 second is amazing, and i want Wolvie to win. but could a lightsaber cut through adamantium?


  1. Never realized Mewtow and Freezer were twins!!

  2. I believe a lightsaber would cut trough adamantium, but Wolverine's healing factor might make a difference...

  3. you know...i never really liked the hulk. not sure why.

  4. SO many memories, great post. I cant remember how the cartoon with Van Halen, the violet hulk and pseudo captain america was called, but i really liked it as a kid. Who am i kidding, i would still watch it today hahahah

  5. Mega Zord!!!!! Doesn't get any better than that.

  6. That hulk picture is from Dexter's Lab isn't it? And the Batmobile transformer is EPIC.

  7. lol the sonic one was good.

    mewto would battle it out haha

  8. You know what sucks? This damn post did NOT start with, "You will now read this in my voice."

    Yet I did, Adam West, yet I did.

  9. i didn't think anyone would read it in his voice to be honest. yes the hulk one is from Dexters lab its the justice friends. major glory, the infragable crunk and i cant remember the Norse god of rocks name.

  10. each pic is worth 10 000 words.

  11. wow memories from dbz to wolverine