Monday, July 4, 2011

still unsure.

i have no idea where this blog will lead. i cant think of a direction to take this whole thing in. i created it at the time to express the person i cant be, but at the same time i am unable to get past the barrier i created to protect myself from ridicule i the real world and it translates to the digital world. my next post i guess will be a bit of a story i am currently writing. i was hesitant to show anyone because my ego told me the story was so good that someone would steal my idea... the problem with that is that i based the story on the Fallout universe.

anyway, a little about my dream last night. from what i can remember i was in a mansion with about 5 other people. we were armed to the teeth with guns. apparently something along the lines of a zombie apocalypse was taking place. i can remember fighting my way through the waves of infected, getting to a room that had a massive hole in the wall. just on the other side was a parking lot with a massive truck in it. the few that had survived this far got in the truck and we began driving to somewhere. i don't know how we knew where to go, but we did. we had just arrived at a safe house, but before we could get in my dog jumped up on the bed and woke me up to let me know she had to pee. oh yeah, and the characters from that 70's show were there.

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