Sunday, January 29, 2012

last day

well, today was my last day at my current store. it was eventful to say the least. it started at 8:30, when i arrived. after waiting 20 minutes, my manager finally showed up to let me in the store. she immediately ran to the beck crying her eyes out. after clocking in, locking the doors and turning on the lights i finally ask her what was wrong. apparently while she was getting ready for work, her dad was mauled by 2 pitbulls... while she was watching. ao i told her to leave and that i would handle the rest of the her shift. so before i could start my morning routine, i had to call around and find a person to come in so we wouldnt be understaffed. eventually i found someone to come in. everything was going smoothly for aobut an hour, untill out bun toaster stopped working. the gears started sueeking, then screeching until they just stopped spinning. so i opened it up and sinsce we didnt have any wd-40 i sprayed it with Pam. this worked, but it still squeeked all day. very annoying. then our customers started coming and i dont know what got into people today, but they were all asses. one asked if our drive-thru guy was a breech baby, then another just flat out called him a f'er. they yelled at us and claimed we were overcharging them, treatening to call our corporate office to tell them. i refused to give them anything, but the others snuck the free food to them.  people, man.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

a lul in gaming

for the time being i am out of new games to play. its been a crazy 3 months, what with skyrim, saints row, assassins creed, dark souls, and arkham city. with soul calibur, racoon city, mass effect, the darkness, ninja gaiden, and the recently announced Resident Evil 6 coming down the pipeline it seems that the gaming market is becoming flooded with a-list games. this is NOT a bad thing, it just means that my wallet is going to be tighter that usual. now on to the 3 month update.

 i got my brother a job where i work. i was in line to get a promotion, but the higher ups put a halt on all promotions to focus on making more money (for them). about that time our district manager got transferred and a new guy took over our area. then about 2 weeks after the new guy took over, he promoted my brother. needless to say, i was pissed. now i am being transferred to another location that adds 30 minutes onto my morning commute. all because the new guy wanted a team that didn't really know the previous DM. but it gets better! i am not just working at the store i am transferring to, but am still working at the store i am at now. i they have me working both locations and am getting 10 hours less a week than i made just working at on store. this is going to kill my gas, a 67 impala isn't good with fuel.

i am probably forgetting something, but it will come to me later. its good to be back.