Saturday, October 29, 2011

games took over.

i apologize for the period of 0 posts, but a bunch of games hit all at once and just took over. its recently been Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Arkham City. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PLAY ARKHAM CITY! there are multiple games hitting right now, but this game deserves your attention. as for Off the Record, if you haven't played dead rising 2 then definitely pick this up, its better than 2 by a lot. if you have played 2 and liked it then at least rent Off the Record. now coming up is the game i have been waiting YEARS for. November 11th, 2011... SKYRIM! i have taken that day off so i can pick it up at midnight, and then took my week vacation right after that so i can give the game the full attention it deserves. i have 3 characters that i must play as, as i am going to carry the legacy of my Oblivion characters into Skyrim. My main will be a male Argonian Assassin, just as it was with oblivion. 2nd will be my female Dark Elf Mage. finally i will have my male Nord Berserker. very different play styles, but it should make for a much larger gaming experience. so, loyal readers, if you are gonna pick this one up, who will your first play through be?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Apocalypse

so i had a very vivid dream last night regaurding, you guessed it, the Apocalypse.

It starts late one night. i am watching the news, when a breaking story hits. the anchor says that the world is going to end at 10:30 a.m. the next morning. there is nothing that anyone can do, so we should get together with our loved ones and wait for the inevitable. hearing this i go into the basement and fall asleep. i wake up the next morning and climb the stairs out of the basement. i am greeted by the sight of my family all around me. they are all panicking about how the world was going to end or even if it was gonna end. i chime in and tell them that it is, in fact, going to end but the planet is just going to blow up and vaporize us before we know what hit us. just then i look out the window into the backyard and i see a geyser of lava erupt from the ground. we all stand there and watch as the lava flow becomes bigger and creeps toward the house. i am the first to react by running out the front door and take a right, trying to outrun the lava at all costs. eventually my brother catches up with me, as another geyser erupts to our left and the ground begins to fall apart into a lake of lava. the path ahead of us is nothing but a lava. we backtrack and begun running through backyards dodging more lava, watching the ground continue to fall apart. eventually we come to a tunnel. on the other side of the tunnel is the ocean and for some reason, my brother and i want to get to the ocean. we work our way through the tunnel when it starts to fall into a lava pit like everything else. we come to a doorway, the ground behind us is liquefying. we open the door to see the room is mostly lava, but if we get a good jump we can clear the room. my brother goes first and make the jump fine, but he keeps going and leaves me behind. i don't have enough room behind me to get a running start, so i just jump. my left foot hits the other side, and the ground cracks and starts to sink into the lava. as i fall back into, waiting to feel the pain, a hand reaches out and grabs my left arm. i look up to see my mom holding my arm. but im too heavy for her to keep up for long. my right leg sinks into the lava up to my thigh. i feel my leg melting right arm grabs a doorway and i pull myself out of the lava. the lava had seared my wound shut, so there was no blood. i crawl/ hop out of the tunnel and onto a boardwalk over the ocean. i see floating way out in the distance, a futuristic city safe from harm. i try to think of a way out when i see a towering, massive man in front of me. he has long red hair and a long red beard, but there is grey in his hair. i dont remember how i found out, but i realized he was God. He told me that this was the way He said the world would end, in fire. He said that there was nothing anyone could do. each of us would have to die, even those in the ocean would be boiled alive. He showed me visions of dead children floating in water as it boiled them, He made me fall into the boiling waters to feel their pain.
next thing i knew i was back in the boardwalk in front of Him. the thought of all the wrong that i did in the world came flooding back to my mind. i fell to my knee and told Him i was sorry for everything. as He walked away He told to it was too late for an apology.  i then black out. when i wake up i am in a pit of pure blackness. i start to walk forward and a blue flame erupts just giving me enough light to make out that i am on a bridge. as i move forward more blue flames erupt revealing more of the bridge. i see gates along the bridge and as i try to open the first, i realize that it is locked. just then i hear noises coming from the backness of the sides of the bridge. suddenly i see a mutilated hadn reach up and grab the side of the bridge. this thing pulls itself up onto the bridge. it grins an impossibly large grin, revealing hundreds of razor sharp fangs. this thing starts to come at me. as i try to bust the gate open more of these things start to climb onto the bridge. i turn around and demand this thing tell me where i am and to let me through the gate. the things grin grows even wider and it says "you are in Hell, my dear friend, and i will let you through the gate when we are done with you." just before the things can grab me i wake up.

i have had a few apocalypse based dreams, and they all take place in different locations and with different people around, but one single element sticks with each one. the world always ends with lava. whether i am trapped in a cave and lava is seeping in, or erupting from the ground or manifesting everywhere. there is always lava. how do you think the world will end, nuclear war? black hole? an invasion of some kind?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farewell Dark Princes

i know that this isn't exactly breaking news, but i was looking up the track list for disturbed
B-side album "The Lost Children" when i came across a sad piece of info. according to lead singer David Draiman, the band is going on and indefinite hiatus. he went on to say that the band may never come back. if you take one look at this blog you will be greeted by the bands mascot "The Guy" so you will belie that this news is very sad for me. this band has been my favorite of all time and the thought of nothing new coming from them is disheartening. so for now i will just leave you with their most popular song in hopes that you become infected... with the Sickness.

Monday, October 3, 2011

so boring

last night i was very tired, so i expected to have a crazy dream. well i was very disappointed. my dream started with me lying in bed, trying to get to sleep. i would rol over and see my clock read 4 am... thats the whole dream. all night long i dreamed that i was in bed and couldnt sleep. it was the most boring dream i have ever had. it was also very vivid, so the bordom felt REAL!!! then when my alarm finally went off it felt like i hadnt slept in days. my eyes hurt and my vision was blurry for about 5 minutes. i hope that never happens again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

who know wal-mart could lead to such adventure

my dream from last night

it all began while i was in wal-mart. its was almost closing time, but had no place to go. so i decided to hide on the store after it closed, i dont know why. as the store emptied and the lights turned off i wandered the store, then i notices security guards patrolling the store. realizing that if i got caught i would go to jail i decided to hide in the basement. i found a set of stairs and climbed down to the basement and began to explore the massive area. the area was empty, with multiple doors around the perimeter. i glanced back to the stairs and noticed a bream of light coming down. i run to one of the doors, open it and hide inside the small room. the guard came right to he room i was hiding in and opened the door. i climbed out, told him my grandma owned the store and showed him my drivers license. he said ok and led me upstairs to a pirate ship. i got on the ship and somehow made it fly into space. in space i ran into a giant space pirate war. hundreds of ships blasting away at each other. each ship had only 1-3 people on them, the main evil ship was captained by Davy Jones. i decided to join the fight against the tentacle faced  jerk and flew right into the middle of the fight. immediately i was singled out by a ship that was piloted by 3 women dressed as the witches from the movie "Hocus Pocus". the could fly and use magic so i was at an extreme disadvantage. as we were fighting my ship got destroyed throwing me from my ship and tumbling through space. a very small ship with a massive jet engine on the back comes swooping in to pick me up. the ship was piloted by Jack Sparrow, and he helped me destroy the witched and their ship by shooting it with the jet engine. apparently these 3 were Davy Jones favorite henchmen, so he turned his ship toward us and attacked. his ship was about the size of a Star Destroyer. one shot from his cannon ripped the Jacks ship in half. when Davy Jones ship got close enough Jack grabbed my arm and fell off the ship. my arm turned into a rubber and flung jack onto the side o Jones ship. i apologized to jack for not throwing him right to Jones position on the ship, but he didn't hear me. i jumped up onto the ship and ran to find Jones. eventually i found him on the deck below. i got myself ready to jump over the railing and attack him when i heard a growl from my right. 3 hell hounds were coming right at me. the first jumped up and bit my arm while the other 2 started to laugh. i got angry and, with the dog still attached to my arm, i jumped over the rail and fell toward Davy Jones, somehow i turned the hell hound into a sword. Davy jones quckly turned around and pulled his sword out and just before our blades clashed, my dog jumped up on the bed and woke me up.