Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farewell Dark Princes

i know that this isn't exactly breaking news, but i was looking up the track list for disturbed
B-side album "The Lost Children" when i came across a sad piece of info. according to lead singer David Draiman, the band is going on and indefinite hiatus. he went on to say that the band may never come back. if you take one look at this blog you will be greeted by the bands mascot "The Guy" so you will belie that this news is very sad for me. this band has been my favorite of all time and the thought of nothing new coming from them is disheartening. so for now i will just leave you with their most popular song in hopes that you become infected... with the Sickness.


  1. its hard when your favorite band suddenly quit. I know that feel

  2. WHAT?????????????

  3. That sucks. Nice blog :)

  4. :( that sucks
    is sad u.u
    nice post