Sunday, October 2, 2011

who know wal-mart could lead to such adventure

my dream from last night

it all began while i was in wal-mart. its was almost closing time, but had no place to go. so i decided to hide on the store after it closed, i dont know why. as the store emptied and the lights turned off i wandered the store, then i notices security guards patrolling the store. realizing that if i got caught i would go to jail i decided to hide in the basement. i found a set of stairs and climbed down to the basement and began to explore the massive area. the area was empty, with multiple doors around the perimeter. i glanced back to the stairs and noticed a bream of light coming down. i run to one of the doors, open it and hide inside the small room. the guard came right to he room i was hiding in and opened the door. i climbed out, told him my grandma owned the store and showed him my drivers license. he said ok and led me upstairs to a pirate ship. i got on the ship and somehow made it fly into space. in space i ran into a giant space pirate war. hundreds of ships blasting away at each other. each ship had only 1-3 people on them, the main evil ship was captained by Davy Jones. i decided to join the fight against the tentacle faced  jerk and flew right into the middle of the fight. immediately i was singled out by a ship that was piloted by 3 women dressed as the witches from the movie "Hocus Pocus". the could fly and use magic so i was at an extreme disadvantage. as we were fighting my ship got destroyed throwing me from my ship and tumbling through space. a very small ship with a massive jet engine on the back comes swooping in to pick me up. the ship was piloted by Jack Sparrow, and he helped me destroy the witched and their ship by shooting it with the jet engine. apparently these 3 were Davy Jones favorite henchmen, so he turned his ship toward us and attacked. his ship was about the size of a Star Destroyer. one shot from his cannon ripped the Jacks ship in half. when Davy Jones ship got close enough Jack grabbed my arm and fell off the ship. my arm turned into a rubber and flung jack onto the side o Jones ship. i apologized to jack for not throwing him right to Jones position on the ship, but he didn't hear me. i jumped up onto the ship and ran to find Jones. eventually i found him on the deck below. i got myself ready to jump over the railing and attack him when i heard a growl from my right. 3 hell hounds were coming right at me. the first jumped up and bit my arm while the other 2 started to laugh. i got angry and, with the dog still attached to my arm, i jumped over the rail and fell toward Davy Jones, somehow i turned the hell hound into a sword. Davy jones quckly turned around and pulled his sword out and just before our blades clashed, my dog jumped up on the bed and woke me up.


  1. crazy ass imagination. its weird how we always wake up right before we are about to get killed. good read though, it entertained me!

  2. What I'm wondering is why Wal-Mart...

    Ehhh... Cool dream though.

  3. crazy imagination n.n
    nice story

  4. That is so absolutely bizarre.

  5. Don't do drugs before going to sleep. :P