Saturday, October 29, 2011

games took over.

i apologize for the period of 0 posts, but a bunch of games hit all at once and just took over. its recently been Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Arkham City. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PLAY ARKHAM CITY! there are multiple games hitting right now, but this game deserves your attention. as for Off the Record, if you haven't played dead rising 2 then definitely pick this up, its better than 2 by a lot. if you have played 2 and liked it then at least rent Off the Record. now coming up is the game i have been waiting YEARS for. November 11th, 2011... SKYRIM! i have taken that day off so i can pick it up at midnight, and then took my week vacation right after that so i can give the game the full attention it deserves. i have 3 characters that i must play as, as i am going to carry the legacy of my Oblivion characters into Skyrim. My main will be a male Argonian Assassin, just as it was with oblivion. 2nd will be my female Dark Elf Mage. finally i will have my male Nord Berserker. very different play styles, but it should make for a much larger gaming experience. so, loyal readers, if you are gonna pick this one up, who will your first play through be?


  1. Arkham looks amazing i cant wait to play it. Dont get me started on Skyrim haha i think im going to start off as an Argonian not sure what i ll make him though but definitely gonna try out the Nords as well

  2. I've heard such good things about Arkham City.

  3. I hope Skyrim is fun, for I know I'll get addicted and not be able to post on my blog. Let me know how it is.