Thursday, July 7, 2011

terrible day

I had a shitty day. woke up at 7:40. got dressed and headed out the door by 7:50. got to work at 8. i work at Arby's and don't have a key so i have to wait for the opening manager to show up to let me in. 9 o'clock rolls around and still no one shows. i call the GM who has the day off, but didn't tell anyone, and tell him that I'm the only one there., and cant get hold of anyone else. he calls the lady who was supposed to be in at 8 with me. he woke her up with the call. 9:45 she shows up and i walk up to the door. she has n o car so she relies on rides from people. she left the keys to the store at home. GM calls me back, pissed, and asks for an update. i tell him that she forgot her keys an he says he is coming in. 10 minutes later another employee show up to cover for our GM being off. she gets pissed that she came in for nothing, but ends up staying. 10:30 GM shows up. we normally open our doors for business at 9, so at 10:30 we are starting to get customers showing up. we have almost no beef cooked or meats sliced, that my job but i couldn't do it because i was locked out. as soon as i walk in i have to start prepping meats and veggies for the day while making food for the people showing up, very stressful. about half hour into the day we run out of beef. thinking quick i took soe that we put in the oven as we walked in and began slicing, putting it in a container filled with water, covering it with a lid and microwaving it, essentially boiling the meat to servable standards. the GM then walks out and stays missing for 2 hours while we get destroyed the entire time. not a single person ordered less that 4 sandwiches. it stayed this way till i left at 3:00.

It Sucked.


  1. We all have shitty days from time to time. Eventually it gets better. +1 follower
    Hope today was better than yesterday :)

  2. It'll get better! Followed!