Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 2

sorry for no update yesterday. i had issues with my laptop arise whilst viewing updates from the blogs i follow. so without further adieu, part 2.

Carry on my Wayward Son
while this is a good song, it makes the list because of the story i remember when i hear it. if anyone who reads this watches "Supernatural" then you know exactly what story i hear and if you love it like i do you know exactly why this song makes the list. the video i have included with this entry also has clips from the show. i see myself in the story, playing the part of the big brother because i know what he goes through. just take a listen and watch the clips. hell, watch the show. it way be a litle slow in the first couple of episodes, but it is worth it.

Laser Cannon Death Sentence

this comes from the second release of the most brutal band, the biggest act on earth, the bringers of the metalocalypse. i love the message that this song sends. with lyrics like:
I'm a rocket
A roman candle
A fucking missile
On my way to hell

I'm a martyr
A saint of sinners
And you will fear me in my deth
it sounds dark and it is, but i read a little more into it. this person is seen as evil, but to whom. as i listen to this right now im watching V for Vendetta. V is considered evil by the government in the movie but we know that he is the hero of the story. so in this way i see the person in the song as the hero.

 Down with the Sickness
This is the song that brought me into the world of Disturbed. its all about the sickness that dwells in us all. we all have that voice in us that tells us what to do, the problem is that the voice stems form different things. this songs has the voice come form an abusive mother. surrender to the sickness and you will find a new family in disturbed.
Beautiful People
Marilyn Manson

this song speaks to me because i am not one of the "beautiful people". it has a good, if not odd, flow. really, i can only recommend this to a very small niche of music lovers just because it is such an odd sound.

Inside the Fire
call me crazy, but i think that this is the greatest love son ever written. i know that is was written as a therapeutic exercise for the lead singer and as a way to bring the problem of suicide to the fans, but i hear the story of someone that had the person that he loved commit suicide, and he must chose whether to sell his soul to be put next to her inside the fire. i base all of my relationships on this, would i sell my soul and go to hell for eternity just to be with her? so far the answer has been no. but the idea of condemning yourself to hell just to be with the one you love, is the ultimate act of love.


  1. I like Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. Not sure why but I do.

  2. The description of your number one song is beautiful. Very deep...

  3. A nice taste in music you do have ;D

  4. Carry On My Wayward Son is one of my favorite songs.

  5. Down with the sickness and beautiful people marked my childhood!

  6. Haven't heard Dethklok in awhile

  7. Only know 1 out of the 5. The one by Marilyn Manson was pretty big when i was a kid. And the video was a bit disturbing too hahahah

  8. the more i come to your blog the more i like it
    Disturbed, hell yeah >:D

  9. Marilyn Manson is the only one I know in this list. They all sound pretty disturbing hahaha

  10. Disturbed FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dethklok was awesome

  12. The beautiful people will always be a classic for me, good post!

  13. Great man, great blog and music +follow

  14. I like 5th and 4th song :D Kansas are awesome - far too underrated. Dethklok is BRUTAL, I loved that show.

  15. Very cool blog and music +followed

  16. Maybe we don't share the same taste in music but you can't argue with Kansas.

  17. haha. i love dethklok
    also i really like the richard cheese version of down with the sickness.

  18. Carry on makes me think of Supernatural. Nice list. Followed. If you have the time check out my blog.

  19. Time to bust out the Guitar Hero guitars for some more of Carry On My Wayward Son!

  20. kansas makes me sick, but the others are alright.