Friday, July 29, 2011

Top 10 Songs pt. 1

i am completely unable to think of a good long post. haven't had any vivid dreams, and i want to fact check a little more before i get into the supernatural. i could have put the next bit of my story up, but i feel like that's a cop-out considering i already wrote it. so i chose this instead. now onto the music. as you may remember from my past post about music, i like metal. however, if a song speaks to me its out of my hands.
p.s. im sorry but for some reason blogger wont let me put YouTube videos in my post so i will put the links and if you are interested just paste them into your browser.

Black Hole Sun
i don't know if its the sound, the message, or Chris Cornell's delivery but i can listen to this for hours (and have) and never get sick of it. Soundgarden in general has good music, but this one keeps me coming back. take a listen.
Rollins Band
this song starts out very calm and you just listen to Henry Rollins telling a story of how you and he meet. then out of nowhere he tells you how he is gonna get in your head and mess with you... by lying. then he apologizes and says he will never do it again... just to laugh in our face and tell you he lied again. i was shown this by a co-worker so it has kinda become an inside joke.

Enter Sandman
some of you might be wondering why i put Metallica so far down the list. i love there music, but i have been listening too it so much and for so long that it lacks freshness. i will still crank it up when it comes on, but i wont go seeking it out on my iPod (i would say radio, but it doesn't work). that not to say you shouldnt go out and seek this masterpiece. some say that this is the song that signifies when Metallica "sold out". i say that this is the song that catapulted Metallica into homes and peoples lives that would have never given them the light of day.
John Cale
you may remember this as the song from Shrek. all you get with this is a man, a piano, and a tale of all the aspects of love. as i said i am into metal, but when i heard this i knew it would stick with me for my whole life.
this is good to listen when its raining and you aren't watching TV or being bogged down by outside stimuli. just turn off the lights, open a window so the rain can be heard and sit back and enjoy this piece of musical genius.

Ace of Spades
i first heard this while playing tony hawk pro skater 2, if that tells you how long ago my relationship with Motorhead started. with a catchy opening hooking you into this one you have to follow it to the end. plus, Lemmy Kilmister has the perfect voice for this music. honestly, no other person has that perfect gravely/growl comes naturally in his voice, he has the very voice of metal. on the surface its about a high stakes card game, but i think that a little deeper into the lyrics you can see a little more sinister implication. take the lyric "You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, But that's the way I like it baby, I don't wanna live forever". if nothing else it a good gateway into the world of Motorhead.

That is for this part. hopefully tomorrow blogger will let me put the videos up instead of just posting the link.


  1. Black Hole Sun will always remind me of summer.

  2. #10, #8 and #6 are pure epicness for very different reasons each. I wonder whats coming in pt 2 :)

  3. Ace of Spaaades, the ace of spadeeessss..

  4. Black hole sun is one of my favorite songs! I remember the video was really creepy. I learned the acoustic version on the guitar, so much fun!
    Enter Sandman: best drums ever!

  5. I think ima go with Ace of Spades "]

  6. goood music you got there :D

  7. The video or Black Hole Sun is still awesome.

  8. I have to say Black Hole Sun is favorite out of these

  9. I LOVE Hallelujah. It's so pretty. :)