Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story Intro

Second Apocalypse
Welcome to Vegas

    "Dear Lord, an affliction has been unleashed upon this earth. No one is entirely sure where it came from, but one thing we do know is that what it doesn't kill, becomes something... else. Most of civilization has broken down, leaving only small, fortified colonies, small cities, and roving bands of raiders and survivalists. I'm no one to question your great plan or insinuate the purpose of these creatures, but I know that if this was the way the world ends, it would have happened by now. This plague has taken everything from the world, but in the chaos I have found purpose. I am a trader between the colonies and cities. I have the occasional run in with the raiders, but I can usually handle myself with some quick talking and fast shooting. I just have a feeling that this next trip isn't going to be the same, seeing as i have to go into cave, find a small group of traders and pick up a "special" package. I have only a little more money to collect in order to start my own trader business, buy a building and hire people to do the running for me. At 35 I think I've ran enough. I come here today to ask you for protection, in hopes that this last trip will yield something truly special. God, you haven't show yourself in many ways since the... whatever you would call it... happened, but I need you now. Please help get me through this last trip."