Saturday, September 17, 2011

got a little bit

when i woke up this morning, most of my dream stuck with me. i cant remember how everything started but i do remember what followed, so i figure ill tell you what i remember.

i am going to a family reunion at night that for some reason is taking place at a church. my brother and i are in a black SUV, but i dont remember who was driving. anyway, we get to the reunion and are told that class was still in session. i dont know what classes that theu were talking about but i just said ok and got back into the SUV. (i don't know if you have ever seen the GTA 4 Carmaggedon videos but they will help you visualize what happened next). we started driving around, trying to waste time until the reunion and chaos broke out. cars just simply started flying around in ways that cars shouldnt move. they were slamming into people sending them flying ragdoll style. we were very entertained, but cautions because we were trying not to get hit. every so often i would jump to first person view of the people walking the road and trying to dodge the cars as they flew crazily at me. e3ventually we decided to head back to the reunion. as we pulled into the parking lot i saw a bufet table outside and family members walking out of the building toward it. my brother was driving at this time and i told him to keep driving. for some reason i didnt want these people to see me. so he pulled around to the other side of the building. then from out o nowhere a giant woman came up to the SUV and climbed into the back seat. she then pulled out a glass and started vomiting into it. then she held it out and told me to drink it. i said there was no way i would drink that. she threw the glass out the window and said "oh well, i just wanted to know another puke drinker. want to go shopping? ill pay." i agreed to that immediately. we went to a mall, but instead of it being a massive i story building, it was a tower and each floor was a different store. the fiorst floor was a clothes shop, but she wanted to go somewhere near the top. i remember getting to about the 5th floor and it being a toy store, but with toys from my childhood. stuff like Stretch Armstrong and the original power rangers, but everything was at least 80 dollars. we kept going until i looked at my feet and said " i think i need new shoes" then i woke up.

not my strangest dream but its the first i could remember in a while.


  1. I wish I could remember mine, too.

  2. I don't miss having vivid dreams

  3. you just remembered me that i had a dream last night.... but i cant remember it.
    I think it was something about a giant mobile phone...

  4. Followed, your font and color drives me crazy though. Disturbed is nice!

    Follow back? Thanks, I delivar!