Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i am having trouble remembering my dreams completely recently. don't know if its because  am not getting enough sleep, or if its what im eating, but something is stopping me. at the same time, i am still not finished with the blade specialist in dead island so i cant write up a review of her character (though i notice that her weapons degrade at an alarming rate compared to Sam B). so for now im just gonna have to take a page from My 2 Pesos and do another series of awesome pictures. some of these are funny, some are bad-ass but all are worth taking a look at. so without further adieu.

 This is one of my favorite movies. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are comedic geniuses.
 Castiel, an angel who defied his angelic superiors, calling the Arch-Angel Michael an Ass-Butt. For his first attempt at cussing, he did pretty well
 opening this box would not be advised.

 Never challenge the gate.
 read the closed captions. i laughed hard for a good 5 minutes.
 then we wouldn't have had to endure many years of this crap
 read the full story, its funny as hell.
whenever i am at the beach, i have my go go gadget legs at the ready all the time.


  1. All very good! Also I always like My Two Pesos posts!
    You should do this more often!

  2. I agree with Bersercules, My2Pesos is brilliant. I liked this post a lot, especcially the firefighter one.

  3. haha, are you trying to emulate my 2 pesos ?

  4. In case of earthquakes what? xD

  5. I kind of like Twilight... I know it's awful, but I can't help it :(

  6. people ejaculating in the middle of the road? wut? haha

  7. Dude I try to get like 10 hours of sleep a night but my girlfriend doesn't let me xD