Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story Part 5: setting up motiviation.

this is a kinda rough version of the next chapter i re-worked it and fell pretty ok with it. here it is.:

"So, how have you been? its been a few months since you were last through here. i thought you forgot about me" she smiled as she said this. she knew i wouldn't forget her, but it had been a while since we last saw each other.

"I've been good, trying hard to save up. maybe hire a few other guys to lighten the load."

"you're still planning on opening up your own courier business? i wish you luck, there have been a lot more raids on caravans leaving the city as of late. rumor has it that these raids are much cleaner than the standard attacks we hear about. raiders usually take what valuables they find and leave the bodies, but recently the only trace of the caravans are when the Brahmin wander back into town."

"thanks for the heads up. im going it alone, so i shouldn't draw much attention to myself. just another traveler crossing the land."

i smile to put her at ease, but the knowledge that caravans are going missing does concern me. i wasn't informed of this when i agreed to this job. if i had the time, i would track down the guys that hired me, but as it stands i wont make the meet if i don't leave tomorrow.

"so, Kelli, got yourself a man yet?"

i ask her this to quickly change the subject.

"no, mostly just travelers come through. none of them are looking for anything longer than a night of fun."

"well those guys are idiots."

"what about you, got a lady waiting for you wherever you call home?"

"im never home long enough to actually meet someone. my focus is just getting as many jobs as i can and getting them finished before i get to old to work."

"why do we do this to ourselves?"

"Do what?"

"make this small talk. we've known each other a long time and it seems each time you walk in here we flirt until you walk back out. its messing with me, im happy while you are here and scared that when you walk out it will be the last time i see you."

"Kelli, i feel the same way. that's why this last job i so important. I've spent the last few months overworking myself and am so lose to haveing enough to open that courier business. i hate the cliche but i need you to wait for me to get finished with this, then i will walk back in here and never leave."

"you know, this is the first time you've talked like this. its always just been a secret that everyone knew, but hearing it come from you makes me happy. I've got more customers to take care of, I'll see you when you get back."

with that she got up and walked up to the patrons who just sat at the bar. i finished my burger and left, watching as the would-be pickpocket realize that he had been pick-pocketed himself. chuckling, i walked out into the night, looking up at the stars and marveling at their beauty. i checked my watch and saw it was 11 o'clock. i started walking to the inn, planning to get an early start across the wastes tomorrow.

i was awoken to a pounding on my door. i grabbed my watch to see what time it was. 5 o'clock, yay.

"Mr. Xeno, Lord Sazz demands your company. get dressed and meet me downstairs, don't keep me waiting.

i know that this isn't good. i look out the window across the room to check for any way out. the streets are lined with Sazz's men. whatever he wanted he was going to get. i got dressed and grabbed my things. heading downstairs i expect to get man handled. instead i see a man in a suit and hat. he walks up to me gesturing to the door. i nod and head out into the street. it still early to the streets are clear of all but the homeless. they escort me deep into the heart of New Vegas. eventually we come upon a 4 story building that Sazz has made into his mansion. walking into the main room i see even more of the goons that were waiting outside the inn. they lead me into an elevator, press a few buttons and the elevator begins to move. after about 20 seconds the elevator stops and the doors slide open. i am greeted with pure luxury. the massive room is clean, something the rest of new Vegas is not. there is a piano in the corner and a woman is playing something by a pre-apocalypse composer. in the middle of the room are a couple of couches in the best condition I've seen. once the awe subsides a man calls me over and tells me to have a seat, motioning to the other couch. i sit and look a the man across from me, knowing that this is the most powerful man in the entire city, if not all of Nevada. he leans down and picks up a glass of what i assume is scotch. he takes a sip and sets it back down.

"Hello, Mr. Xeno. im glad to finally meet you."

"i wish i could say the same Mr.-"

"Please, call me Sazz."


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